The Norwegian Ski Federation is refusing to participate in meetings with Russian and Belarusian officials ©Getty Images

The Norwegian Ski Federation is refusing to participate in sessions where Russian and Belarusian representatives are present during the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) autumn meetings in Zurich.

All representatives from the country were pulled from today's opening activities due to delegates from the two countries being present and the national body is calling on the FIS to ban Russian and Belarusian officials for an "indefinite period."

The autumn meetings, which is an annual gathering of all FIS disciplines and departments, are scheduled to run until September 30.

"The Board of the Norwegian Ski Federation strongly condemn Russian participation at the FIS meetings," Tove Moe Dyrhaug, the President of the Norwegian Ski Federation, said in a statement.

"In the ongoing debate on the banning of Russian and Belarusian athletes, the Norwegian Ski Federation has, since the outbreak of the war, worked together with other nations to advance our joint positions.

"We will also [work] together with our partners on this matter, up until the next meeting of the FIS Council.

"The exclusion of athletes - and now hopefully also representatives - must apply as long as the brutal and meaningless war continues."

insidethegames has contacted the FIS for comment.

The FIS ruled athletes from both countries would be banned until at least the end of the season on March 1.

Russian skiers have been banned from FIS events in accordance to IOC advice ©Getty Images
Russian skiers have been banned from FIS events in accordance to IOC advice ©Getty Images

Athletes have been prohibited from competing following the International Olympic Committee (IOC) advice in February.

FIS secretary general Michel Vion suggested earlier this month that Russian and Belarusian athletes could return for the upcoming campaign under a neutral banner after claiming the IOC "is starting to think about opening the doors to the International Federations" for allowing Russian and Belarusian participation.

United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee chair Susanne Lyons has also suggested the IOC is discussing "whether there is a pathway" for the return of Russian athletes to international sport with National Olympic Committees.

The Norwegian Ski Federation has maintained it will prevent these athletes from competing at any events it is hosting.

Gymnastics is another sport where Norway has resisted Russian and Belarusian participation.

The Norwegian city of Sandefjord withdrew from hosting this year's International Gymnastics Federation Congress due to delegates from the two nations being present.

The Norwegian Gymnastics Federation also confirmed it will be boycotting the event altogether when the sport's officials meet in Istanbul in November, with the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation adopting the same stance.