The IBA claims the revised qualification model will have a "significant and direct impact" on boxing events ©Getty Images

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has warned that the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) revised qualification model for the Paris 2024 Olympics will have a "significant and direct impact" on events scheduled for the next two years.

The IBA has criticised the "late" changes to the system which gained approval at yesterday's IOC Executive Board meeting.

The IOC had confirmed the IBA’s qualification criteria in April only for it to be revised following the decision to take over the running of competitions without the global governing body for the sport.

Kit McConnell, the IOC’s sports director, claimed the new system was "less complex" than the one previously approved.

However, the IBA said the revised version would cause problems in the preparation of other boxing competitions.

"Whilst we acknowledge the changes, IBA remains concerned, specifically with regards to the removal of the ranking pathway which was originally agreed in April of this year," a statement from the IBA read.

"The IOC had been integral in this early collaborative work with IBA, forming a specific working group to create the OQS [Olympic qualification system].

"These late changes will have a significant and direct impact on the agreed 2022/2023 forecast of events, not only at IBA level, but also for the confederations who are deep into the process of planning their elite staged events."

The IBA has also raised concerns over the delivery of the qualifiers with boxers set to battle it out for quota spots at continental multi-sport events next year.

The IOC Executive Board has ratified the new qualification system for Paris 2024, replacing the previous one that was approved in April ©IOC
The IOC Executive Board has ratified the new qualification system for Paris 2024, replacing the previous one that was approved in April ©IOC

Under the new model, the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, Kraków-Małopolska 2023 European Games, Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games and the delayed Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games are set to be used as qualifiers.

The Accra 2023 African Games are also expected to become a qualification event, although an agreement has yet to be made between the IOC and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

Following the continental phase, the IOC plans to stage two world qualification tournaments in 2024 where the remaining quota places will be determined before the Olympics are staged in Paris.

"IBA also notes that, whilst it was criticised for not providing by the end of June all the deliverables related to the qualification system, notably with less than two years before Paris 2024, there is still no clarity on how the system will be executed, its exact timeline, and the location of Africa multisport event and world qualification tournaments," the IBA said.

The IBA also stated that the system initially approved by the IOC was designed to make "all criteria fair, transparent and open to all."

McConnell claimed that National Federations, athletes, coaches and technical officials had "raised some concerns" over the previous qualification model.

But the IBA added: "Neither is IBA aware of consultations made by the IOC with key IBA stakeholders, including IBA Technical Committees and IBA Athletes Committee, whilst it is claimed that the new qualification process puts boxers first."

The approval of the new system by the IOC comes after it stripped the IBA of its rights to organise boxing events at Paris 2024.

The IBA, then known as AIBA, had its IOC recognition withdrawn in June 2019 due to concerns over judging and refereeing, financial stability and governance, leading to the IOC Boxing Task Force handling the sport at Tokyo 2020.