The host of the 2025 Caribbean Games is expected to be confirmed at the CANOC General Assembly, due to be held in November ©CANOC

The host of the 2025 Caribbean Games is due to be announced in November after "a number of countries" expressed their willingness to stage the second edition of the multi-sport event.

Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) President Brian Lewis said that the Games had courted interest from potential bidders after Guadeloupe played host to the inaugural edition this year.

Lewis confirmed that the next host would be approved at the CANOC General Assembly, scheduled to be held from November 4 to 5 in Trinidad and Tobago.

"We have a number of countries that have indicated an interest so those conversation are ongoing," Lewis told insidethegames after the Panam Sports General Assembly in Chilean capital Santiago.

"We have a number of sports that have indicted an interest to get onto the Caribbean Games so on November 4 we will have presentations from countries and National Federations that have interest so that's pretty cool.

"It's a huge and significant step in the young history of CANOC."

The Caribbean Games had first been proposed for 2009 in Trinidad and Tobago, but the multi-sport event was cancelled by the country's Government due to fears about swine flu.

A series of COVID-19-enforced postponements followed before Guadeloupe finally staged the Games from June 29 to July 3.

Lewis said he was delighted to silence naysayers who doubted that the Caribbean Games would ever take place.

CANOC President Brian Lewis took joy in proving doubters wrong with the staging of the first-ever Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe ©Panam Sports
CANOC President Brian Lewis took joy in proving doubters wrong with the staging of the first-ever Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe ©Panam Sports

"Against all odds, we pulled it off," said Lewis.

"Under the difficult circumstances, Guadeloupe stuck to their commitment and delivered the Games with President Alain Soreze and his team.

"It shows the importance of perseverance and resilience.

"Because of COVID, the Games had to be shifted and we had other different challenges.

"If we were not so strong in our determination it would have been easy to say no."

More than 800 under-23 athletes from 29 countries competed at the first-ever Caribbean Games.

Athletics, 3x3 basketball, road cycling, futsal, judo, swimming and netball all featured on the programme in Guadeloupe.

Track cycling was planned to be on the programme as well but it was removed after the proposed venue, Vélodrome Amédée Détraux, became unavailable.

An emergency meeting was called as venues for athletics and netball also pulled out and jeopardised the future of Guadeloupe 2022 before the Roger Zami Stadium and the Laura Flessel Sports Complex were offered to stage the respective sports.

"We did it, we pulled it off," said Lewis.

"The athletes and now the doubters are now saying 'wow'.

"As you saw at the [Panam Sports] General Assembly, the Caribbean Games featured prominently in marketing report and President's report and Panam Sports Channel so it is a big deal.

"I think we did something unique, choosing the conch shell instead of a torch was a big hit.

"The way the parade went really added a Caribbean vibe.

"It was a carnival."