David Fry is leading the volunteer operation at the marquee ultimate event in Cincinnati ©Bob Scheadler

Volunteers coordination director David Fry has praised the work of the hundreds of volunteers who are ensuring that the World Flying Disc Federation's (WFDF) World Ultimate Club Championships can be delivered efficiently here.

Fry is one of eight members of the  Organising Committee and his role is committed to leading approximately 400 volunteers at the eight-day event.

There are also an estimated 100 directors and leads who are responsible for specific sectors at the competition, such as hospitality.

The majority of those under Fry’s remit who accepted the invitation to volunteer come from the United States, while between 15 and 30 have travelled internationally.

Regardless of how much time they spend volunteering at the event, Fry is grateful for their efforts.

"People who can come out for the long periods of time is dedication," he told insidethegames.

"But also people willing to come out for a short period.

"It is impossible to run a tournament with the excellence we have without both dedication and the number of volunteers we are able to get."

The responsibilities of the volunteers are vast and can vary, with tasks ranging from scoring and keeping statistics to working the food and parking areas.

Volunteers are not limited to keeping to one role throughout the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships.

The operation is large at the Lebanon Sports Complex, with volunteers spread across 29 playing fields.

However, despite the weight on their shoulders, Fry is keen to make sure his colleagues are having a safe and enjoyable event alongside the athletes.

"We want to provide that high level of tournament experience for the players," he said, citing that this is the message sent from tournament event director Dale Wilker to all competitors.

"We take that to the volunteers as well so that the volunteers are both contributing to that and it is also a good experience for them.

"But that just requires a lot of coordination."

In Fry’s view, everything is working "as smoothly as it can be" so far.

He added: "We haven’t had any major interruptions from weather, so that helps."

It is hoped this will remain and that the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships will be completed as planned.

The tournament is scheduled to continue for the next four days, with Saturday (July 30) dedicated to being "Finals Day".