Sundar topped the seeding in Pool B following four straight wins ©Paul Rutherford for UltiPhotos

Australian side Sunder battled fiercely to progress to the next phase of the World Flying Disc Federation's (WFDF) World Ultimate Club Championships in Cincinnati in the United States as the top seeds.

Coming off the back of two victories yesterday, Sunder carried over their form and beat Japan’s Rascals 15-13 and Spain’s Guayota 15-9 in Pool B at the Lebanon Sports Complex.

Sam McGuckin was their starring performer as he recorded eight goals and two assists across the two matches.

The host nation's Seattle Sockeye, who finished first in Pool D, shrugged off the competition, beating Denmark’s Københavns Frisbee Klub 15-2 and Switzerland's Flying Angels Bern 15-6.

PoNY ensured another American team advanced as the first seed by overcoming Colombia’s Euforia 15-9 and Singapore’s Koels 15-9 in Pool C of the open competition.

In Pool F, Buzz Bullets of Japan remained undefeated following their 15-7 and 15-10 wins over South Africa's Mutiny and Germany's Bad Skid.

Clapham Ultimate of Britain displayed once again why they are one of the greatest teams from Europe as secured their authority in Pool G.

The British side claimed a 15-7 over Italy's CUS PADOVA Barbastreji before recording a safe 15-10 win against Ireland's Ranelagh.

Mooncatchers of Belgium also showed their potential credentials at a title by sweeping aside the US's Rhino Slam! 15-12 and besting France's Tchac 15-13.

Pool H side CUSB Open of Italy repeated their form from yesterday, defeating Baja Ultimate from Mexico 15-4 and Belgium's Gentle 15-7 to be the final top seeded in the open tournament at this stage.

The women's event saw three teams from the host nation seal the top seed in their respective pools.

Fury obliterated Britain's Spice Ultimate 15-1 and condemned Japan's TOKYO Mavericks to a 15-9 loss in Pool A.

Boston Brutesquad almost mirrored their compatriots' success in Pool C after achieving a 15-3 triumph against Britain's SCRAM and a 15-7 victory versus fellow American's Tabby Rosa.

Raleigh Phoenix also topped Pool D on home soil following 15-2 and 15-7 wins over Stella of Canada and CUSB Shout of Italy.

Other results in the women's event meant that Colombia's Revolution obtained first in Pool B and Canada's retained the same position in Pool E.

Ellipsis of Australia sealed the first seed in Pool F and Japan's Swampybag remained hot to be the best ranked side in Pool H.

Japan's MUD was unfazed from their success on day's one and two of the championships to secure the number one rank in Pool G.

Marah Neal helped Ellipsis to four successive wins in Pool F ©Samuel Hotaling for UltiPhotos
Marah Neal helped Ellipsis to four successive wins in Pool F ©Samuel Hotaling for UltiPhotos

In the mixed event, the final standings of the pools remain open with one round of fixtures left to play.

America's BFG is in pole position in Pool A following their dominating 15-5 and 15-6 victories versus Austria's Catchup and Germany's Colarado.

Hybrid, another host nation side, continued to be unbeaten thanks to an important 15-11 win over Canada's PBHG as well as a comfortable 15-6 triumph against Britain's SMOG Rising.

Seattle Mixtape ended the day top of Pool C after defeating Australia's Wollongong Krank and besting Japan's IKU! 15-5.

The American team was not the final side from the nation end the day strongly in the division as NOISE recorded 15-10 and 15-6 triumphs versus Britain's Deep Space and Germany's Mainzelrenner.

Meanwhile, Canada's Red Flag has won four straight games to lead Pool E while The Netherlands' GRUT replicated the same success to be at the forefront of Pool F.

Australia's Lunch Box Ultimate Club is the team to beat in Pool G after an unbeaten run so far and Finland's Pussin Tiristäjät is the standout side so far in Pool H.