Prince Charles expressed his excitement for Birmingham 2022 at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda ©Getty Images

Prince Charles has expressed his excitement for the upcoming Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, set to run from July 28 to August 8 in England.

The British heir apparent addressed leaders of countries set to attend the Games at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting taking place in Kigali in Rwanda.

"I can only say that I am greatly looking forward to visiting Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games next month," said Prince Charles.

"In a world currently riven by conflict and division, these Games - so aptly called 'the friendly games' - stand as a shining celebration of our unity, our diversity and our pursuit of shared excellence.

"Your Excellencies, as you, as leaders, champion these values, perhaps you would allow me to propose my own toast - which is to each and every one of you and you don't have to get up."

In Kigali, focus has been partly on Togo and Gabon who have expressed their desires to join the Commonwealth and working towards membership despite having never been under British rule like the majority of other nations in the group.

This would open the door for the two countries to compete at the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

"Our Commonwealth family must have something fairly unique about it," said Prince Charles.

"After all, an increasing number of countries are seeking membership, with Mozambique and Cameroon having joined in the nineties and Rwanda in the noughties; and now, after a short pause, Togo and Gabon are on the path to membership, with others also expressing interest."

Prince Charles was taking Queen Elizabeth II's duties as she was unable to attend the meeting.

The monarch has been forced to reduce her public engagements in recent months for health reasons, leading to speculation as to whether she will attend the Games in Birmingham.