Elections for vice-presidential positions were held at the PNGOC General Assembly in Port Moresby ©Getty Images

Kinivanagi Karo has been elected as the male vice-president of the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC), while Tony Green and Iammo Launa have been returned to their positions at the General Assembly in Port Moresby.

Green was re-elected as senior vice-president and Launa as female vice-president for new four-year terms running up to 2026 at the Gateway Hotel in Papua New Guinea's capital.

Newly elected Karo was congratulated by PNGOC President Sir John Dawanincura, who also thanked his predecessor Kila Dick.

Sir John, who is in his third and final term as President, was one of six individuals awarded the PNGOC Order of Merit at the General Assembly.

The others were Sir Mick Nades, Mel Donald, Tamzin Wardley and Syd Yates, while Sir Henry ToRobert was granted the award posthumously.

PNGOC secretary general Auvita Rapilla delivered the 2021 Annual Report which was approved by those gathered at the General Assembly, and reflected on a challenging 60th anniversary year for the National Olympic Committee.

PNGOC President Sir John Dawanincura congratulated Kinivanagi Karo on his election ©PNGOC
PNGOC President Sir John Dawanincura congratulated Kinivanagi Karo on his election ©PNGOC

"Unprecedented challenges in running our fundraising events, hosting our annual General Assembly, and adapting to changing technological requirements amongst other things have forced us to become more collaborative and champion our values of honesty, excellence, respect and openness as we strive to be more innovative and work towards optimistic outcomes," she said.

"As an organisation, we have been inspired to work harder with the launching of our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan as we seek out the means to live out our goal to enable Papua New Guinea to achieve sporting excellence."

National Federations, sponsors and partners were in attendance at the General Assembly.

Papua New Guinea sent eighth athletes to the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics last year.

It is still awaiting its first Olympic medal.