The French Government has banned employees from using English "video game jargon" ©Getty Images

The French Government has banned its workers from using "English video game jargon" in a bid to "preserve the purity" of their language.

Words such as esports, pro gamer, and streamer are some of the casualties with the terms jeu video de competition, joueur professionnel and joueur-animateur en direct to be used instead, respectively.

It has been done over fears that anglicisms in the esports industry could act as a barrier to understanding for non-gamers.

"In recent years institutional communication in French seems to be prey to disorderly growth," said a report from the Académie Française.

"It is up to all to become aware of this proliferation and to ensure that this is the subject of questioning and research, in particular on its real effectiveness, freed from fads, as well as from appropriate professional training and finally from as wide a distribution as possible.

"The French language must maintain its place in institutional communication as in other areas of expression.

"There’s no reason to dismiss it.

The Government imposed the ban in an attempt to
The Government imposed the ban in an attempt to "preserve the purity" of the French language ©Getty Images

"Current communication is characterised by a degradation which it is essential not to consider as inevitable.

"Making use of a French vocabulary, of French turns of phrase, whatever the context concerned, without blindly following fashions and trends, remains the best way to highlight French culture in its broadest sense, to offer it a foundation, visibility, a chance in the face of the advance of globalisation, and thereby to work to maintain cultural diversity."

The Académie Française previously attempted to replace WiFi with l’access sans fil à internet, meaning wireless access to the internet, but failed as people carried on using the term "'le wifi".

Nico Besombes, associate professor in sport science at the University of Paris, told Esports News UK that the ban will not have any effect.

"With no joke, it won’t have any impact," said Besombes.

"To highlight this, just to let you know, 10 years ago, the Académie Française proposed to call esports 'télésport'.

"It never had any consequence."