Two MMMAA officials attended an IMMAF course in Romania ©IMMAF

Delegates from the Malta Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMMAA) travelled to Romania to attend an International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) course in a bid to help MMA gain recognition from sporting authorities in Malta.

MMMAA President Karl Misfud and coach Enrico Manicaro attended the workshop organised by the IMMAF and delivered by director of development Andrew Moshanov as they look to achieve certified gradings from the global body.

"It was a great experience that I did with my longtime friend and student Enrico," said Misfud.

"As we are both coaches of the Maltese National Team, we needed the course to be certified by IMMAF. 

"Andrew is a great coach and an encyclopaedia of knowledge.

"The course covered many interesting things from concussions, coaching strategies, kids training safety and more.

"The level and amount of information was incredible.

"I’ve been in martial arts for more than 30 years, and some concepts and information was all new to me.

"So we were very lucky to be able to attend the course.

"Also, I want to take the opportunity to thank the Romanian Federation for their invitation and a very warm welcome.

"I hope that in the future we have more collaborations with them.

"Everything was supported by the government, which is a great thing for the sport."

MMMAA President Karl Misfud hopes to see MMA grow enough in Malta to send a delegation to a major IMMAF event ©IMMAF
MMMAA President Karl Misfud hopes to see MMA grow enough in Malta to send a delegation to a major IMMAF event ©IMMAF

It is hoped that the course will help to develop MMA by setting new standards for coaching and athlete welfare, with a particular focus on youth fighters.

"The next step is to keep growing and build the Federation and the sport as much as possible in Malta," said Misfud.

"As a sport, it is still growing. 

"People see it just as a competitive event and not as a system of self-defence and sport in general, so this will be a challenge.

"I believe we have a couple of good athletes who could soon be ready for the high level of the IMMAF Championships.

"I hope that this year we could be in one of the events and make history for the sport."

The MMMAA became an IMMAF member in March 2021.

One of its primary goals for the short-term future is to achieve recognition from Maltese sporting and Government authorities.