CONI has renewed its agreement with Herbalife24 products ©Getty Images

The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) has struck an agreement with Herbalife Nutrition line Herbalife24 to renew their partnership as its supplier for sports supplements until Milan Cortina 2026.

The CONI, who has partnered with Herbalife24 since 2016, will have its logo appear on the packaging of Herbalife24 products, which will be continued to be given to the Italian Olympic team.

"I remember when, a few years ago, we tackled the issue of supplements to be chosen as a partner of the Italian National Olympic Committee which brings the Italian championship and the five circles as a dowry," Giovanni Malagò, President of the Italian Olympic Committee, said.

"In the babel of companies and brands that presented their proposal, the President of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation, Maurizio Casasco, was decisive.

"I remember that he told me that they were testing and verifying the products and the knowledge of sports doctors was the element that closed this circle.

"Certainly the quality and certification of the product, combined with marketing and promotion, has enabled CONI to marry Herbalife for eight years now."

The two organisations first partnered after the Rio 2016 Olympics and have continued to work together through Pyeongchang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.

Their collaboration has resulted in the Protocols on Nutrition and Food Integration project which offers guidance into building sports food plans.

The Protocols on Nutrition and Food Integration project offers Italian athletes guidance on their nutrition ©Getty Images
The Protocols on Nutrition and Food Integration project offers Italian athletes guidance on their nutrition ©Getty Images

This project divides sports into four categories - sport with alternating anaerobic and aerobic commitment, endurance sports, power sports and dexterity sports - on the basis of advising the best nutritional plan.

"Having the opportunity to continue this path of collaboration with CONI in support of all Italian athletes is a source of great pride for us," explains Rebecca Varoli Piazza, country director of Herbalife Nutrition Italy.

"For over 40 years, Herbalife Nutrition's mission has been to help people lead a healthy and active life.

"And this through the research and development of specific products for the correct integration, but also through the promotion of all sporting activities, individual or team, practiced both at an amateur and competitive level.

"The collaboration between Herbalife24 and CONI is the culmination of this ideal proximity."

Casasco added: "It is essential for all athletes to follow an adequate training programme alongside the correct diet and food supplements to ensure sports performance and recovery times are maximised."