Russia will make a submission in Ivan Kuliak's disciplinary case tomorrow ©YouTube

Russian Gymnastics Federation coordinator Valentina Rodionenko has said organisation will offer its submission to the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation tomorrow in the case involving Ivan Kuliak.

Kuliak was pictured on the podium for the men's parallel bars event at the Gymnastics World Cup in Doha earlier this month, displaying the letter "Z".

The letter Z has been seen on Russian military vehicles and artillery during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Kuliak was on the podium alongside Ukrainian athlete Illia Kovtun, who had won the competition.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) began disciplinary action against Kuliak earlier this month, following what the organisation labelled "shocking behaviour".

Rodionenko recently claimed Kuliak could face a one-year ban from the sport, with the official confirming a submission will be made by the Russian Gymnastics Federation tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, lawyers will send to the disciplinary commission the material that they have worked out - what we were interviewed," Rodionenko told the Russian state news agency TASS.

"The exact date for the consideration of the case is unknown.

"They have a certain framework, three weeks for consideration.

"Two have already passed, a week remains."

The "Z" symbol was seen at a rally in Moscow supporting the invasion of Ukraine ©Getty Images

Rodionenko and coach Igor Kalabushkin reportedly also face sanctions, due to overseeing the Russian team at the event in Qatar’s capital city.

Prior to the event in Doha on March 6, the FIG had announced that all Russian gymnasts and officials would be banned from international events from March 7 until further notice in line with global sporting sanctions against the country.

The symbol on Kuliak's shirt was in place of the Russian flag, which had been banned by FIG.

Kuliak has claimed a potential ban from the sport would be "unfair", with the 20-year-old alleging the case shows the "attitude towards our country" held by non-Russian organisations.

Kuliak has claimed his decision to display the Z symbol was designed to show his support "for victory" and "for peace", while alleging he had been provoked by Ukrainian athletes shouting pro-Ukraine slogans.

The nationalist Z symbol was also on display during a pro-war rally organised by Russian President Vladimir Putin at Luzhniki Stadium on March 18.

It has been reported that Kuliak was among the attendees at the event.