Ali Mohamed Saber is expected to be a candidate in the Libyan National Olympic Committee elections ©Libya National Olympic Committee

Former Libyan Taekwondo Federation chief Ali Mohamed Saber has been released after reportedly being abducted by four gunmen.

According to the Libya Observer, Saber had been kidnapped from his home in the Abu Nawas of Tripoli.

Saber had been held for 48 hours at an unknown location.

The official was released yesterday (March 26).

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) had claimed his abduction had been linked to the upcoming National Olympic Committee elections.

Saber had declared his candidacy to stand for the Libyan National Olympic Committee Presidency.

The NCHRL had reportedly called for Libya’s attorney general to conduct an investigation into the kidnapping.

The organisation said the attorney general should ensure "perpetrators are prosecuted and brought to justice", according to the Libya Observer.

Libya sent four athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games last year ©Getty Images
Libya sent four athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games last year ©Getty Images

The Libyan National Olympic Committee was founded in 1962.

The organisation is currently led by President Gamal Ezzarrugh and secretary general Khaled Ezankuli.

Libya has sent athletes to the past nine editions of the Summer Olympics, with four competitors having represented the nation at Tokyo 2020.

Libya are yet to win a medal at the Olympic Games.

The nation also participates at the African Games and the Mediterranean Games, with the latter taking place at Oran in Algeria from June 25 to July 5 this year.