The Libyan Olympic Committee was part of the new rugby stadium project ©LOC

The Libyan Olympic Committee (LOC) has played a large part in the building of a new state-of-the-art rugby stadium in the city of Benghazi.

Alongside the Rugby Federation of Libya and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the project was completed yesterday at the University of Benghazi, which is home to 150,000 students of which 2,000 are studying sports.

The Rugby Federation of Libya is under the Presidency of Mustapha Hoy and will now use the modern facility going forward, allowing it to also host international competitions in Libya in the future.

Managers, trainers, referees and officials were also mentioned for their efforts in helping to make the construction of the stadium possible.

"This is a historic landmark for Libya Rugby and the result of many years of hard work of everyone involved," said Forgani Abdulkarem, general secretary of Libya Rugby.

"Up to date our trainings and competitions had to take place on inappropriate grounds as we had no dedicated rugby field.

"I am proud to say that Libya now has its first rugby facility in line with international rules in terms of sizing and set up.

"Special thanks to the Libyan Olympic Committee and everyone involved to have made this happen.

"We are excited to see the first match and are confident that this will only be the beginning of rugby in Libya.

"We hope to attract the young Libyans living in the region and develop many future talents here."

Since 2017, Libyan rugby has aimed to reach 5,000 students in primary schools, recruit and train 500 players of different ages and organise school championships, all of which have been achieved.

It has also organised a regional competition for young players, a federal competition for senior players and has participated as a national team in the past three editions of the Arab Rugby Championship.

It has also organised several training courses in Tunisia and participated in three training courses delivered by Rugby Africa.

"This is a shimmer of hope for normality in a country that is struck by tensions and armed conflicts," said Khaled Babbou, President of Rugby Africa.

"The new rugby ground in Libya will provide a bit of 'normality' in times of adversity."