Shantou 2021 organisers confirmed attention has turned towards completing the competition schedule ©Shantou 2021

The Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games Organising Committee has claimed it is learning from the "simple, safe and splendid" successes of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics following a quarterly review.

The organisers insisted that by taking pointers from Beijing 2022 they "are now going all out to make adequate preparations" for Shantou 2021.

The review also noted other key points for the preparation process, including the completion of venues and the Athletes' Village, the confirmation that internal sports facilities are being upgraded and the approval of age limits by the Olympic Council of Asia and the relevant Asian National Federations for the 21 sports and disciplines.

Organisers have also accelerated the construction of four information systems - the Games Result System, the Games Management System, the Games Support System and the Public Service System - as they continue to build the information network for the event.

The report confirmed focus is turning towards clarifying the sports equipment work plan, relevant sport-specific technical handbooks and the competition schedule.

The creative and preliminary operation teams behind the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are taking steps to produce work plans for several Games events, including the Torch Relay and the Culture and Education Programme.

Shantou 2021 organisers want to emulate the successes of Beijing 2022 ©Getty Images
Shantou 2021 organisers want to emulate the successes of Beijing 2022 ©Getty Images

Organisers noted that their publicity campaign, which includes promotional films, posters and milestones such as the Beijing 2022 Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, have received widespread attention.

Another round of volunteer recruitment will start soon alongside professional training programmes to get them ready.

The review said marketing campaigns, aimed at increasing brand awareness and the reputations of the Games' sponsors, have begun in tune with an Asian Youth Games philanthropic platform.

Work has also continued to ensure control measures are in place for epidemic prevention.

Organisers in the progress report said: "In addition, we have been making continuous efforts to improve the urban environment so that we will be able to present a clean, elegant, civilised and harmonious Shantou to the world during Games time.

"We will keep advancing the preparations for the Games as planned under the guidance of the OCA and with the support of the Chinese Central Government, the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) and other stakeholders.

"We will spare no effort to stage a cultural and sports extravaganza imbued with Chinese style, Guangdong glamour and Shantou flavour."

Shantou 2021 is scheduled to be hosted this year between December 20 and 28.