Hangzhou 2022 has announced Dan Diagnostics as the official supplier of health testing services for the next Asian Games ©Hangzhou 2022

Dan Diagnostics has become the official supplier of health testing services for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Specialising in medical diagnosis outsourcing services, the company will play a major role in detecting COVID-19 at the 19th Asian Games.

The deal should benefit the Organising Committee, which has faced several barriers in preparing for the Asian Games because of the pandemic.

Construction of venues was halted for several weeks in Hangzhou in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, although organisers insist all facilities will be completed with time to spare.

Hangzhou 2022 has the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, which happened before the Asian Games, to help it understand how to tackle the challenges posed by the virus.

In fact, a four-member team even travelled to Tokyo to observe pandemic measures at the Olympics.

Overall, there will be 41 designated hospitals, a polyclinic in the Athletes' Village, 200 athlete medical stations, 60 medical stations for spectators, 131 ambulances, three medical helicopters and 1,563 health workers set aside for the Asian Games.

Despite the closed-loop management system introduced to curb the spread of COVID-19, 435 positive cases have so far been reported a the Winter Olympics, with nearly 1.6 million tests having been carried out.

Hangzhou 2022 will aim to control or bring down those numbers with the assistance of Dan Diagnostics. 

Hangzhou 2022 is set to be held from September 10 to 25.

The Asian Games will see 40 sports, 61 disciplines and 482 events held in 55 venues around Hangzhou and Zhejiang province in eastern China if all goes to plan.