Boí Taüll will host four types of races at this year's International Ski Mountaineering Federation European Championships ©Getty Images

The Spanish Boí Taüll ski resort is set to host the International Ski Mountaineering Federation’s European Championships.

The event will welcome more than 15 countries for five days of action between February 9 and 13.

The competition is made up of four types of races - the sprint, the vertical, individual and relays, with each race being contested solely on one day.

Sprint races, which dominate the first day, showcase athletes using the basic techniques of downhill skiing, moving into a period of running on foot and a final descent at the end.

Competitors are required to cover 974 metres in the quickest time possible.

They will start at an altitude of 2,051 metres, and this will reach a peak of 2,134m at the halfway stage.

The first round consists of individual qualifying and the fastest will progress through the knockout rounds.

This will be followed by the vertical races on the next day.

The discipline is completely set on a ski slope, with the participants beginning the 3,466m long race at an altitude of 2,020m, and finishing at an altitude of 2,540m.

After a day’s break, the individual races will take place.

Athletes must track up and down mountainous hills until they cover 11,519m.

During one stage of the race, competitors will hit a peak altitude of 2,606m - more than 561m higher than their starting position.

The competition will be capped off on the final day with the relay races.

The relay includes mixed teams of a boy and a girl, and both must complete two laps along a route of two ascents and descents and a period on foot.

The athletes will start and finish at an altitude of about 2,055, whilst they will encounter a height of 2,159m.

These races will be broken down into four categories for either gender - seniors, under 23s, under 20s and under 18s.

Beyond the sport, a variety of events will occur in the background, with the organisers ready to host an Opening Ceremony, awards night and Closing Ceremony.