WTT is set to increase its events portfolio ©WTT

World Table Tennis (WTT) has appointed The Sports Consultancy to help select host cities for its major events next year as it continues to increase its competition portfolio.

WTT, establish by the International Table Tennis Federation in 2019 and which now runs the governing body's commercial and events business, is set to launch its Feeder Series in 2022.

It will act as the second-tier level of events behind the WTT Series.

The Sports Consultancy, based in London, will "support the organisation as it continues its host city recruitment process for top tier events", WTT said.

"Once the pandemic subsides, we can kickstart various plans in the pipeline and slowly expand our sports property to power its growth around the world," said WTT Council chair Liu Guoliang.

ITTF Group chief executive and WTT director Steve Dainton claimed the fledgling organisation "was on the right track".

WTT has not been universally popular within the sport and criticism from countries including Germany prompted the ITTF to commission an independent review into the new entity.

The report, carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published last year, found WTT was set up with good governance and financial compliance following concerns about the implementation of the commercial vehicle.

"When you do things professionally with support from reputed persons and companies, when you are transparent and open about your plans and when you work really, really hard to try and achieve the goals, then usually things will come out well in the end," Dainton said in a presentation during the ITTF's Annual General Meeting videoconference series.

"This is where I believe we are at now, ready again to achieve and deliver on the objectives, strategies, and reasons why we set up WTT in the first place.

"To the stage where - now other sports are copying us. 

"We need to work together and start competing with the other sports properties who are developing fast and not waiting for us to get our act together.

"It’s now our time to shine in the competitive world of sports business."