Indonesian Olympic Committee President Raja Sapta Oktohari is hopeful the country's ban on hosting events can be lifted within one month ©ANOC

Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) President Raja Sapta Oktohari has expressed confidence the non-compliance status of the country’s National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) can be lifted within a month, which should help seal hosting rights to the second edition of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) World Beach Games.

ANOC confirmed Indonesia as the sole candidate for the 2023 Games at the organisation’s General Assembly here yesterday.

An Evaluation Commission is expected to visit Indonesia later this year, with a view to formally declaring Indonesia as the host.

The Indonesian Anti-Doping Agency (LADI) is currently non-compliant, with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) determining that it has failed to implement an "effective testing programme".

Under the terms of the WADA sanctions, Indonesia is banned from being awarded the right to host any regional, continental or World Championship events by a World Anti-Doping Code signatory, such as ANOC, "for the entire period of non-compliance".

It means Indonesia can only be officially given the hosting rights for the Games if WADA declares the LADI compliant with the Code.

Oktohari has been appointed by the Indonesian Government as head of a WADA Sanctions Acceleration Settlement Work Team.

Oktohari told insidethegames he had been given full authority by the Indonesian Government to resolve issues and said he had received support from WADA President Witold Banka and director general Olivier Niggli following talks here.

Indonesia is expected to be named host of the second ANOC World Beach Games ©Getty Images
Indonesia is expected to be named host of the second ANOC World Beach Games ©Getty Images

"I think we can resolve the issues within one week, I have sped up everything," Oktohari said.

"This ban is bad for us, but equally it is a good opportunity for us to upgrade everything.

"With the guidance of WADA, we will be able to make the institutions more reliable and professional.

"We have directed them to the right people now and we know what to do.

"There were 24 items and most of these were done by this morning, but we still need to fulfil 122 samples with our athletes.

"We have also increased the budget by 2,000 per cent after talking to the Government, as what has happened has really hurt our President, who loves sport.

"We hope this can all be resolved within one month."

Oktohari said the resolution of this issue would be key, with Indonesia set to host several upcoming sporting events, including MotoGP, a Sport Climbing World Cup, the Under-20 FIFA World Cup and matches at the 2023 International Basketball Federation Basketball World Cup.

The ANOC World Beach Games could be the latest event added to Indonesia’s portfolio.

Jakarta and Palembang hosted the 2018 Asian Games and Asian Para Games ©Getty Images
Jakarta and Palembang hosted the 2018 Asian Games and Asian Para Games ©Getty Images

Indonesia hosted the first edition of the Asian Beach Games in Bali in 2008, with the event a forerunner to the World Beach Games.

Oktohari said it was natural for Indonesia to use its experience of the continental event to stage the World Beach Games, with current plans involving holding the second edition of the Games on the island of Sulawesi.

"The Asian Games was in Jakarta and Palembang, while the Asian Beach Games took place in Bali," Oktohari said.

“We now want to introduce a new island by hosting in Sulawesi as the island is perfect for the event, the sea is nice and is a famous spot for diving.

"The local government is passionate about hosting major events.

"Usually we will finance the Games as a combination between the central and local governments.

"The budget will depend on how we want to do the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as how much we want to build the awareness of the Games itself.

"We love hosting sporting events to show our culture and our hospitality.

"Many people know Bali but Indonesia is not only Bali, there are so many places and different cultures."

Indonesia has switched its focus to hosting the 2036 Summer Olympics ©Getty Images
Indonesia has switched its focus to hosting the 2036 Summer Olympics ©Getty Images

Indonesia had announced it was interested in hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics after staging the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

The nation was among several left disappointed when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) installed Brisbane as the preferred candidate in February, with the Australian bid rubber-stamped by the IOC Session in Tokyo.

Oktohari said Indonesia remains in the continuous dialogue phase with the IOC, with the country’s President Joko Widodo remaining keen to host the Games.

"We are ready to do it now, we have all the experience and facilities ready after the Asian Games," said Oktohari.

"The number of sports at the Olympics is less than the Asian Games, as well as participants.

"We have shifted to 2036.

"Aiming for the Olympics is our main goal, but hosting World Cups and Beach Games is really escalating the Olympic Movement and boosting Indonesian sport."