The Chinese Taipei Skating Union has held its marketing summit ©CTSU

A virtual judging toolkit that allows figure skating events to be scored remotely was among the key topics at a Chinese Taipei Skating Union (CTSU) summit this week.

Elena Iniguez de Heredia, a member of the International Skating Union (ISU) team which developed the system, said it could provide other benefits to the sport.

"The virtual toolkit is free for ISU members and easy to use," said De Heredia. 

"It can be used for events but also for judges training, for education purposes, and travel costs are reduced, too. 

"Of course, there are things that our team needs to improve, but this cooperative approach is working well, and it will surely be used again in the future."

The Spanish Ice Sports Federation is among the ISU's members to have used the technology amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"During the pandemic, the athletes were able to train but it was difficult to give them opportunities to compete at international level, with all the travel restrictions," said Spanish Ice Sports Federation secretary general Xavier Cherta.

CTSU President Tiao-Ching Hung said the summit would help the organisation's post-COVID-19 recovery ©CTSU
CTSU President Tiao-Ching Hung said the summit would help the organisation's post-COVID-19 recovery ©CTSU

"So, we decided to select our ice dance couples that will represent Spain in the World Championships to use this remote virtual judging system. 

"One pair was in Montreal, one in Moscow, and we had judges from all over the world."

Exclusive digital formats, educational content and an athlete-oriented approach to marketing were also on the agenda at the CTSU event.

"It has been a real pleasure to host this summit and to have such great speakers, that have helped us understand what we can do to promote figure skating in Taiwan," said CTSU President Tiao-Ching Hung.

"Over the past two days, we have all listened to international experts sharing their insights and experiences on how we could face challenges and seize new opportunities. 

"By identifying actions, approaches and experiences that will help developing the sport of figure skating, we recognise the future of our sport is digital. 

"We need to look at building strong communities and engagement online and organising international events that will take roots locally.

"We must commit to the work ahead of us and take actions. 

"This summit is just a beginning that allows us to follow the ISU leadership and helps all stakeholders involved in the business to become stronger in post-COVID-19 recovery."