North Carolina is bidding to host the 2027 Summer World University Games ©North Carolina Bid Committee

The North Carolina Bid Committee and United States International University Sports Federation (USIUSF) have launched a new website for their bid to host the 2027 Summer World University Games.

The website - was developed by Hummingbird Creative Group and launched on Wednesday (September 1) to align with the formal opening of the bid process for the 2027 Games, which the International University Sports Federation (FISU) announced earlier this year.

Chairman and chief executive of North Carolina's bid for the Games Hill Carrow said: "I really believe the new website, developed by the wonderful team at Hummingbird Creative Group, a significant sponsor of the bid, captures and reflects the essence of our proposed host region and state.

"It is vibrant, colourful, and energetic. 

"The site is informative, helpful, and easy to navigate. 

"The new website reflects the wide variety and diversity not only of the Games and its participants but also of the triangle area. 

"It captures the pageantry of the Summer Games and certainly helps generate great excitement for one of the largest and most important Olympic sports events on earth."

North Carolina's Triangle region, which includes cities Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary, was announced as the USIUSF's host city bid partner in February 2021.

The website is designed to "educate and inform the public about the World University Games". 

"The bid committee has now taken the website for the bid to a whole new level," said USIUSF President Dan Guerrero. 

"It is a world-class site now, both in terms of look and content - appropriately reflective of the global event the United States is seeking to attract and host in 2027."

The bid process for the 2027 Summer Universiade officially began on September 1, and the USIUSF says it will meet with the FISU regarding its 2027 bid.

USIUSF secretary general and FISU Board member Delise O'Meally said: "The USIUSF will be in meetings with FISU at the site of the upcoming 2021 Winter World University Games in Lucerne, Switzerland, and at FISU Headquarters in Lausanne next week.

"I very much look forward to directing my fellow Executive Board members and FISU senior staff to the new website. 

"I believe they will be most impressed and will be very much looking forward to receiving America’s bid for the Games."

The US has not hosted the Summer edition of the Games since Buffalo in 1993.

South Korea’s Chungcheong Province announced earlier this year it would bid to host the Games.

FISU is expected to choose a host in January 2023.

The website can be seen here.