Tokyo 2020 have confirmed a positive COVID-19 case in the Athletes' Village ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 has confirmed the first COVID-19 case in the Athletes’ Village prior to the start of the Paralympic Games on Tuesday (August 24).

The latest figures provided confirmed 16 new cases in total, with one recorded inside the Athletes’ Village and 15 outside.

No athletes have tested positive.

Three cases have been attributed to Games concerned personnel – which covers those affiliated with the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, National Olympic Committees, National Paralympic Committees and International Federations.

One Tokyo 2020 employee has also contracted COVID-19, while the remaining 12 new cases are from Tokyo 2020 contractors.

Four of the confirmed cases are non-residents of Japan, while 12 live in the host nation.

The case in the Athletes’ Village concerns a non-resident of Japan, who is currently in a 14-day quarantine period.

The Athletes' Village reopened on Tuesday (August 17).

A total of 74 cases have been confirmed by organisers in relation to the Paralympic Games since August 12.

The Paralympic Games will begin in Tokyo on August 24 ©Getty Images
The Paralympic Games will begin in Tokyo on August 24 ©Getty Images

One further case has been reported by local areas hosting teams for training camps, with the Mie prefecture reporting a positive among "athletes and team officials".

Six positives have been recorded since August 6 in areas hosting teams prior to the Games.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will largely be held behind closed doors.

All events in Tokyo and other prefectures under a state of emergency will be closed to the public, as was the case with the Olympic Games.

A total of 546 cases were associated with the Olympic Games.

Japan's capital has been under a state of emergency since July 12 and restrictions appear unlikely to be eased during the Games amid an increase in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.

Tokyo reported 5,386 new cases yesterday, slightly lower than the record of 5,773 reported last week.

A record 23,917 cases were reported nationally, according to broadcaster NHK.

Yesterday, the Japanese Grand Prix was cancelled due to rising COVID cases. 

The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will take place on August 24.

A total of 22 sports feature on the programme at the Games, which will conclude on September 5.