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1 year ago
Liam Morgan
at the Main Press Centre in Tokyo
Liam Morgan

British race walker slams "prison" conditions in Sapporo

British race walker Tom Bosworth has hit out at the "prison-like" conditions athletes who are competing at Tokyo 2020 events in Sapporo.

Bosworth, who is set to participate in the 20km race walk, criticised in the IOC in now-deleted Tweets, where he posted the meals given to athletes at their hotel.

"Hey IOC Media - you know the millions of money bag (sic) you make off the Olympics?" Bosworth wrote.

"Any chance in the week of our race we could get some food? Like meals?

"Not cold slop, steamed onions or partly cooked pasta? This is the ‘pinnacle of sport’.

"Sapporo feels like a prison. Welcome to the sweaty school dining hall that a lifetime of hard work gets you."

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