The IWRF has confirmed its events will return later this month ©IWRF

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) has confirmed plans for its European Championship Division B tournament in Poland, set to be the first event staged by the organisation since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warsaw in Poland is scheduled to stage the competition from June 30 July 3.

Finland, Israel, Russia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have all entered the event.

It was initially due to be an eight-team tournament but Austria and Ireland have withdrawn due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The event will nonetheless mark a welcome return for the IWRF, which has been unable to hold any of its competitions during the pandemic.

The IWRF has not staged any major competition since the pandemic began ©Getty Images
The IWRF has not staged any major competition since the pandemic began ©Getty Images

"The partnership between the Organising Committee and IWRF has been excellent and the member nations have been very understanding that we are all working extremely hard to ensure that we can arrange a European Championships in an environment that prioritises the health and safety of our athletes and officials," said IWRF technical delegate Simon Starr. 

"It’s been a long time in the making and now that we’re almost there, I’m really looking forward to what promises to be a brilliant tournament and with no recent form to guide us, it truly is wide open."

The IWRF has also confirmed there will not be any relegation from the event and Division C - which only features two teams - will be combined with Division B to form a 10-team competition in 2022.

The 10-nation tournament will include the two teams relegated from Division A in 2022, the six teams remaining in Division B and the two in Division C.

"My colleagues and I realised that we had a real conundrum to deal with and I’m very grateful to them for all of their hard work in arriving at this solution," said IWRF Competitions Committee chair Kathy Newman.

"It is a great outcome and it helps to resolve the issue of trying to find a host for a Division C event with only four teams."