Shiny Fang, pictured with UIPM President Klaus Schormann, has had her contract as UIPM secretary general extended until 2025 ©UIPM

Shiny Fang has had her contract as secretary general of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) extended until June 2025.

Fang will continue to manage the UIPM administration throughout the Paris 2024 Olympic Games cycle, where modern pentathlon will be a core sport on the programme for the 26th consecutive Summer Games.

Now in her ninth year as secretary general and based in the new UIPM Headquarters in Monaco, Fang has overseen a major expansion of UIPM’s operational staff and changes to the competition format, which is currently being re-shaped to take place in a single area over 90 minutes ahead of its appearance at Paris 2024.

Fang joined the UIPM in 2008 and after being deputy competition manager of modern pentathlon at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and competition manager at the 2010 Asian Games, she was appointed secretary general in December 2012, succeeding Joël Bouzou, who became UIPM vice-president in 2013.

She said: “I am thrilled and honoured to be given the opportunity to continue in this role until 2025 and grateful to the UIPM Executive Board and President for putting their faith in me.

"When I started this journey as UIPM secretary general, the sport and the community were immersed in traditions and heritage - and mostly in a positive way.

"Within this relatively conservative environment, there was some reluctance to change habits and ways of thinking."

Fang added: "It is true that nothing can be built without a root and a base, and convincing stakeholders to adjust their view of our movement has been the most difficult part of the job, especially to secure the faith of the community that our direction of travel is the right one for the future of UIPM Sports.

"After two Olympic cycles, all competition and event organisers and Member Federations have become more and more collaborative in the process of evolving, improving and adapting to the 21st century, facing the reality of a competitive sports landscape with a willingness to embrace trends and engage new generations."

UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann added: "In 2008, when Shiny started working for me and UIPM, I already saw her loyalty, solidarity and respect from the beginning.

"Mrs Fang has a high capacity of intellectual mental conditions and this was invaluable during the past 15 months when we all learned, through COVID-19, how quickly life and humanity worldwide can be influenced and affected.

"I am convinced that with Mrs Shiny Fang as UIPM secretary general, I am able to continue serving as UIPM President at a high level to the benefit of all our Member Federations and the Olympic movement, following the philosophy of our creator Baron Pierre de Coubertin."

Fang is a former synchronised swimmer and aerobic gymnast who became a head coach and international judge.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and a Master’s degree in sports management and industry, and she began her career in sports administration and international relations in 2004.

She served as vice-president of the International Cheer Union from 2010 to 2018 and served as supervisor of sports presentation in a variety of multi-sport Games.

Fang is a sports development and education consultative group member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations and a member of the Global Esports Federation advisory council.