Paralympics documentary Rising Phoenix has been nominated for four Sports Emmy Awards ©Netflix

Rising Phoenix, the documentary about the Paralympic Games that came out on Netflix last August, has earned four nominations at this year's Sports Emmy Awards.

The innovative storytelling of the Games through the testimony of nine Paralympians is recognised in the Outstanding Long Sports Documentary, Outstanding Camera Work, Outstanding Editing and Outstanding Music Direction categories.

This year's ceremony will award winners in 46 categories and will be livestreamed at on June 8 at 14.00 CEST.

Produced by HTYT Films, Rising Phoenix premiered globally in more than 190 countries on August 26.

The film details the history of the Paralympic Movement from its inception in 1948 at the instigation of German doctor Ludwig Guttmann while working at Stoke Mandeville's spinal injuries centre in Britain, to its triumphs at London 2012 and its trials and tribulations and triumphs at Rio 2016.

The athletes involved include Italy’s two-time world champion wheelchair fencer Bebe Vio, the United States' seven-time Paralympic wheelchair racing champion Tatyana McFadden and Britain’s double Paralympic 100 metres champion Jonnie Peacock.

The title track, which contributed to the film's nomination for Outstanding Music Direction, was written and performed by two-time Golden Globe nominee Daniel Pemberton.

Pemberton composed the original score for the movie together with three artists who all have a disability: George Dorman - known as "georgetragic" - and Keith Jones, both of whom have cerebral palsy, and Toni Hickman, who has survived two brain aneurysms and a stroke.

"Every single person who worked on this film can take credit for the end result and we are all proud and delighted that the Emmys have recognised what an important and powerful piece of cinema this is," Barnaby Spurrier, executive producer, told insidethegames.

"The nominations are as much for the Paralympic Movement as they are for the filmmakers."

Craig Spence, the International Paralympic Committee's chief communications officer, said: "For Rising Phoenix to be shortlisted for four Sports Emmy Awards is a stunning achievement and huge credit must go to the fantastic team at HTYT Films led by Greg Nugent who were the brains behind this wonderful project.

"Words cannot describe our gratitude towards them.

"Thanks to the outstanding work of the directors Peter Ettedgui and Ian Bonhôte, as well as composer Daniel Pemberton, Rising Phoenix has helped the stories of Paralympians and the Paralympic Movement reach and engage new audiences around the globe.

"Congratulations must also go to George Dorman, one of three artists to perform the documentary’s title track.

"George is currently working at the IPC as Brand Campaigns Assistant and with the nomination for Outstanding Music Direction, becomes the IPC’s first ever employee to be nominated for an Emmy.

"We are in absolute awe of him!"

Dorman, one of the three "Krip-Hop Nation" artists who performed the title track, said: "In Chicago, while going to my elementary school, I sang to the radio, riding on the bus alongside my friends, who all happened to have a disability.

"Cerebral palsy changed the trajectory of my life.

"See, back at that school bus, those kids with disabilities and I would rap, beatbox, and one particular young girl I knew would sing to my poems.

"When I got the news I reached an Emmy nomination, I thought of that school bus, full of us, hoping for inclusion, music is made in audio waveforms, and on Tuesday, Rising Phoenix’s waveform made a dent in the universe, reaching the shores of the very established Emmys!

"This is for the lucky ones, the ones on that school bus in Chicago."

The Sports Emmy Awards, held since 1979, are presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition of excellence in American sports television programming.

The lists in the four categories involving Rising Phoenix are as follows.

Outstanding Long Sports Documentary: Ringside - Showtime; Rising Phoenix - Netflix; The Scheme - HBO; The Weight of Gold - HBO; Yellow Brick Road - Golf Channel.

Outstanding Camera Work - Long Form: Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible - ESPN; The Old World: A Mindtrip Through Europe - RBTV; Return to Earth: "The Series" - Outside TV; Rising Phoenix - Netflix; Tua - FOX.

Outstanding Editing - Long Form: NFL 360 - NFL Network; The Old World - A Mindtrip Through Europe - RBTV; Rising Phoenix – Netflix; The Scheme - HBO; We Are the Champions - Netflix.

Outstanding Music Direction: FOX NFL Sunday - FOX; Rising Phoenix - Netflix; Super Bowl LV - CBS; Under the Grapefruit Tree: The CC Sabathia Story - HBO; Yellow Brick Road - Golf Channel.