German judo university students can compete in the online kata tournament in May ©Getty Images

The General German University Sports Association (adh) is set to host an online judo kata tournament, with assistance from the German Judo Association (DJB).

Scheduled from May 3 to 30, the adh-Open Judo Kata is open for registration, with participants asked to upload their performances to the Sportdata website.

"We want to offer the judoka an opportunity to be creative and active in sports at the same time," said Moritz Belmann, adh chief of judo. 

"They can compete with students from all over Germany. 

"The participants develop their own kata. 

"This consists of four techniques that are presented on both sides.

"The judoka can combine techniques and switch from standing to the ground. 

"In addition, two directions of throwing movement must be recognisable throughout the kata. 

"With the freestyle kata we enable all judoka to participate, regardless of their level of knowledge. 

"We also encourage the creativity of the students."

IJF competitions have been supported by Sportdata in the past ©Getty Images
IJF competitions have been supported by Sportdata in the past ©Getty Images

The tournament will have a preliminary and a final round, with this opening round being uploaded on Sportdata.

These will be judged and the best will qualify for the finals, in which they can present their kata again or a different version.

Sportdata has previously hosted online martial arts tournaments including supporting International Judo Federation kata tournaments.

In Germany, the German University Karate Kata Championship took place on the platform in October.

"We are grateful for the good cooperation with and we have a competent contact person in the eTournemant area at our side," added Belmann.

The DJB Kata Commission supports the tournament and hopes to further establish kata as a discipline in university sports.

"I am very happy about the support of the Kata Commission, this guarantees first-class support in terms of sports," added Belmann.

"For the future, the kata discipline will offer another point of contact for the students."

Registration is still open until April 28.