The IOC has refused to recognise the election of Viktor Lukashenko as NOC Belarus President ©NOC Belarus

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has refused to recognise the election of Viktor Lukashenko as President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the Republic of Belarus and Dmitry Baskov as a Board member.

Viktor Lukashenko replaced his father Alexander, the Belarus President, as head of the body during the NOC's General Assembly last month.

Both men were banned from attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by the IOC in December after allegations of political discrimination towards athletes following protests against Lukashenko’s controversial re-election as Belarus President last August.

Belarusian Ice Hockey Association President and NOCRB Board member Baskov was also sanctioned by the IOC.

Baskov is considered a suspect in an attack on artist Raman Bandarenka, who later died in hospital, during a peaceful protest.

Despite the sanctions, Lukashenko and Baskov were elected to roles within the NOC last month.

The IOC Executive Board said the NOC had failed to address the decision taken in December, noting that the previous leadership "had not appropriately protected the Belarusian athletes from political discrimination within the NOC, their Member Federations or the sports movement".

A decision was taken to not recognise the elections of Viktor Lukashenko and Baskov, along with maintaining their exclusion from all IOC events and activities, including the Olympics.

Viktor Lukashenko succeeded his father Alexander, the Belarus President ©Getty Images
Viktor Lukashenko succeeded his father Alexander, the Belarus President ©Getty Images

The IOC said it will liaise with the NOC and the other members of the newly-elected Executive Board through the NOC secretary general.

Provisional measures taken in December remain in place, including the suspension of all financial payments to the NOC of Belarus.

An exception is the payments related to the athletes’ scholarships and the preparations of the Belarusian team for their participation in the Olympic Games.

International Federations are requested to make sure that all eligible Belarusian athletes can take part in qualification events for the upcoming Games without any political discrimination.

Discussions with the NOC regarding the hosting of future IOC events are suspended, while the Olympic Movement is requested to support the measures to help protect athletes.

The IOC said it has also requested the NOC of Belarus and its Member Federations to ensure that there is no political discrimination in the participation of the Belarusian athletes in qualification events, and in the final selection of the team of the NOC of Belarus, for all Olympic Games.

Senior Government officials from Belarus are not allowed to be invited or receive accreditation to the Olympics.

The IOC said it will continue to monitor the situation with the NOC and could take further action or to remove any of the provisional measures should the situation evolve.

A ban on the Belarusian flag at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games remains an option, which would force athletes from the country to compete as neutrals.