The IJF has seen its governance score upgraded after a review ©IJF

The International Judo Federation (IJF) says it has met the governance target score of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) after a re-evaluation of its performance.

The third edition of the governance review was published by ASOIF in June.

For the first time International Federations (IFs) were grouped based on their total score, with previous reviews staying anonymous.

A total of 50 indicators were divided across the principles of transparency, integrity, democracy, control mechanisms and development and solidarity, with each offering a maximum four points.

This meant the maximum score federations could achieve was 200, with ASOIF setting a target score of 120.

The IJF had been ranked in category C in the June report.

This placed them alongside the International Swimming Federation, the International Surfing Association, the International Weightlifting Federation, the World Baseball Softball Confederation and World Skate in the lowest-ranked category.

The six IFs in the lowest-ranked category scored between 84 to 119 points.

The IJF said it requested a re-evaluation of its score following publication of the report.

"The IJF requested a re-evaluation regarding the governance assessment from ASOIF which was undertaken in October 2020," an IJF statement read.

"The results received from the ASOIF Governance Task Force confirm that the IJF exceeded the target score of 120 that was set for full members of ASOIF."

The International Judo Federation had ranked in the lowest tier in the initial review ©ASOIF
The International Judo Federation had ranked in the lowest tier in the initial review ©ASOIF

The IJF's re-evaluation increases the number of IFs in the category B class to 12.

The International Gymnastics Federation, the International Hockey Federation, World Rowing, the International Volleyball Federation and the International Canoe Federation are also in category B.

The largest category also includes the International Federation of Sport Climbing, the International Golf Federation, the International Handball Federation, the International Shooting Sport Federation, the International Modern Pentathlon Union and World Archery.

The 11 IFs in category B scored between 120 and 137 points.

The Badminton World Federation, the International Equestrian Federation, FIFA, the International Tennis Federation, the International Cycling Union and World Rugby all feature in the top ranked A1 grouping.

The top six IFs all scored between 170 and 187 points.

The International Basketball Federation, the International Fencing Federation, the International Table Tennis Federation, World Triathlon, United World Wrestling, World Athletics, World Sailing and World Taekwondo have all been ranked in the A2 category.

Each scored between 140 to 158 points.

ASOIF rebutted criticism over the governance review from the World Karate Federation, after the report revealed the governing body had declined to participate.