Barbara Groß, left, has been accepted by IPC classification for Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

German wheelchair basketball player Barbara Groß has met the criteria of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) classification code after a new examination, making her eligible to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Groß's position was confirmed by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF), who communicated this decision to the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS).

Groß was the only German player who did not meet the requirements of the IPC code, with DBS then submitting an application for a review and medical reports.

"I am so relieved by this news and also a little surprised at the point in time, as I had only expected a decision in March," said Groß.

"It feels like an early Christmas present for me.

"I never completely wrote off my participation in the Paralympics in Tokyo and have also based my training routine on it.

"Nevertheless, there were days when I also doubted.

"Now, there is only a huge relief and I'm happy to tell the team."

A total of 132 wheelchair basketball players worldwide have been reassessed in line with the IPC classification code.

DBS has stated that it had asked the international associations to find a fair solution with Tokyo 2020 in mind, requesting that athletes should not be excluded from the current Paralympic cycle.

"This is wonderful news," said DBS President Friedhelm Julius Beucher.

"With that our worries and the disadvantages are off the table.

"In our opinion, the decision is logical - even if the way there was difficult for everyone concerned and especially from Barbara Groß." 

The IPC had asked the IWBF to reassess athletes' classifications earlier this year.

The IPC said wheelchair basketball was not complying with its classification rules and threatened the sport with removal from Tokyo 2020 if a May 29 deadline to implement an action plan was not met.

Wheelchair basketball has also lost its place at Paris 2024 but this could be reversed if the IWBF becomes "fully compliant" with the IPC Athlete Classification Code by August 2021.

Nine athletes were found to be ineligible for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, with the process having prompted criticism.

The IPC has stressed the rules of the sport must be followed to ensure the integrity of the competitions.