The US Olympic and Paralympic Museum is due to open in Colorado Springs on July 30 ©Getty Images

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum (USOPM) in Colorado Springs is set to open to the public on July 30.

It will become "one of the most accessible and interactive museums in the world", according to a press release, with it being the first Olympic museum in the US.

Measuring 60,000 square feet, it will show a timeline of an athletes' Olympic journey - from training to competition to a medal ceremony - as the public walk through the building.

There will also be a customisable experience within each visitor's ticket that will give information specific to their favourite sport or athlete on the screens at various exhibits.

Rooms will contain information about the Summer and Winter Games and the US Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame.

"The Olympic and Paralympic alumni community is excited that we now have a physical home for our stories in Olympic City USA, as well as a place for our families and friends to gather and celebrate," Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, the 1984 Olympic 100 metres hurdles champion and member of the museum's Board of Directors, said.

"We hope that every US Olympian and Paralympian will find their way home to the Museum."

It is estimated that the cost of the museum was in the range of $91 million (£71.5 million/€78.5 million), about $15 million (£12 million/€13 million) over budget.

Colorado Springs is home to the headquarters of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the Colorado Springs Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, and more than 20 national sports federations.

Tickets are available to buy as of today, with adult entry costing $24.95 (£19.60/€21.50) and tickets for children aged three to 12 costing $14.95 (£11.70/€12.90).

The US has a proud Olympic history, winning more medals than any other country. 

By the end of Pyeonchang 2018, they had won a total of 2,828 Olympic medals.

That total is made up of 1,127 gold, 907 silver and 794 bronze.