Lucerne 2021 is looking for volunteers for the 2021 Winter University Games ©Lucerne 2021

Organisers of the Lucerne 2021 Winter University Games have launched a search for roughly 3,800 volunteers to help stage the event.

Scheduled to run from January 21 to 31, the multi-sport Games is expected to feature more than 2,500 participants.

Those who would like help as a volunteer can now register on the Swiss Volunteers platform.

Swiss Volunteers is a non-profit organisation.

"Volunteers are the public face of the Winter Universiade 2021 and will ensure that visitors from around the globe feel at home," said Lucerne 2021 managing director Urs Hunkeler.

"A sports event of this magnitude depends on the commitment of the volunteers.

"It simply wouldn't be possible to carry out without them."

There will be further information on volunteer roles added to the Lucerne 2021 website in due course.

Giuliana Schmid, volunteers project manager, added: "We have exciting jobs for everyone, from looking after teams and reporting on competitions, or to be a forerunner."

Assistance will be required before and after the event at competition venues, in addition to during it.

The Organising Committee is being helped with its recruitment drive by universities in the area, as well as the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons.

Schmid added: "The many volunteers can expect unforgettable experiences and a unique behind-the-scenes look at a major event.

"Talking to visitors from abroad is extremely enriching, and working alongside volunteers from completely different backgrounds is fun and educational.

"Such events always generate countless friendships as well as great memories."

For the past 15 years, Swiss Volunteers has supported around 100 sports competitions each year.

Mark Wirz, Swiss Volunteers managing director, said the organisation will "support the Winter Universiade with recruitment using the 60,000 people registered on our platform" nd offer administrative help..

"Having already worked with the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament and the two Ice Hockey World Championships, collaboration with this multisport event will give Swiss Volunteers yet another opportunity to prove itself on the national and international stage," Wirz added.