Commonwealth Games England President Denise Lewis urged the organisation to now "walk the talk" ©Getty Images

Commonwealth Games England (CGE) has released a statement underlining its commitment to diversity in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the renewed focus on racism which has followed it.

The organisation highlighted the gender balance on its Board and representation of ethnic minorities in both its team and Board.

However, it also acknowledged the Commonwealth's history and stressed that it was important not to "airbrush the unpalatable parts of our history" in the quest for an equal future.

"As an organisation, initially we wanted to listen, not talk," said the CGE statement.

"We wanted to better understand the situation and consult with staff, Board Members and key stakeholders to ensure we responded with appropriate action. 

"At the same time we were very aware that we have a platform and a social responsibility to speak out. 

"At Commonwealth Games England we fully support the fact that black lives matter. 

"Diversity is one of our key values and we are committed to ensuring representation, equality and inclusion in everything we do. 

"We strongly abhor racism and discrimination of any kind."

Nineteen per cent of England athletes at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games came from a non-white English background, which is roughly proportionate to the population of England.

The CGE Board also has a 50-50 split in gender and 25 per cent of its members are black, Asian or minority ethnic.

CGE President Denise Lewis added: "We have been having the honest and fresh conversations about what we should be looking at and how we might change. 

"We have to follow through on our actions, we must walk the talk. 

"I am proud to be President of Commonwealth Games England and truly believe we can be one of the leaders of change."

In October 2017, CGE introduced a diversity action plan and published an update on its progress a year later.

It has pledged to publish a fresh update in the coming weeks.

Birmingham, one of the most diverse cities in England, is scheduled to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.