WFDF has postponed and cancelled events for 2020 ©WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has announced it has postponed its 2020 World Championships and World Masters Championships until 2021 because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The governing body has also confirmed that the World Junior Championships have been cancelled.

It follows a number of meetings since March with stakeholders and event hosts, which has led to the decision by the WFDF Board of Directors.

"This has been a very complicated decision-making process, all in the context of the uncertainties around the future course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting health and safety issues, and potential resulting Government actions, among many other considerations," said WFDF President Robert Rauch.

"We have been working with the respective Tournament Organising Committees (TOC) to understand the financial situation around each event, including amounts that are fully sunk costs and not recoverable, amounts already spent that could be rolled into a postponed event, and the additional expenses that would be incurred if we were to move forward and reschedule the event.

"We appreciate the hard work and commitment of our TOCs and WFDF's event team to work methodically through all the issues and get us to this point where we can establish a reasonable action plan.

"Given the uncertainties around the pandemic, we will not be asking member associations, teams and athletes for any further financial payments until early 2021 by which point we expect that the health and safety issues would be much better understood.

"WFDF acknowledges the unfortunate financial impact of any options that we had, and our decisions were reached in an attempt to balance health and safety, financial and competition considerations."

The World Ultimate and Guts Championships, otherwise known as the World Championships, will be rescheduled to July 2021 in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

A final number of teams competing is still to be established to understand the feasibility of postponing the Championships, with 97 teams originally scheduled to compete this year.

Those who were previously registered for 2020 will be granted an automatic bid for 2021.

The competition will also act as a qualifier for the Birmingham 2022 World Games.

Gold Coast in Australia will remain as host of the World Masters Ultimate Championship, which is now rescheduled for September 5 to 11 in 2021.

The World Junior Ultimate Championships were due to take place in Malmö in Sweden before being cancelled.

Other events cancelled for 2021 are the Continental Ultimate Championships for Pan America, Africa and Asia-Oceania.