Anderson Peters is one of the athletes to feature in the video to praise healthcare workers ©Getty Images

Olympic, world and Pan American champions have paid tribute to those emergency workers who are helping to curb the spread of COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic.

Across the Americas, athletes have been using the message This Medal is For You in a video to thank healthcare workers for their contributions so far.

A total of 14 athletes from 13 countries and some of the best in their respective sports expressed their gratitude including American cyclist Chloe Dygert and Grenadian javelin world champion Anderson Peters.

The crisis has had a heavy impact on the resources of the world's healthcare systems with more than 2.69 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally and over 188,000 deaths related to the virus.

Others involved in the video include Peruvian surfer Piccolo Clemente, Colombian BMX rider Mariana Bajon and Venezuelan BMX freestyle rider Daniel Dhers.

Sharing a message between the athletes they said, "Many times athletes are used to receiving applause, to climb the podium and win medals, to be interviewed for our achievements and to be cheered on by you, but today, it is our turn to recognise and give the applause to a group of heroes.

"And we are grateful and want to show our appreciation to the people on the frontline during this pandemic.

"For their bravery, professionalism, and love for what they do, because day-by-day they take care of us, they attend to our needs and they spread kindness to thousands of people in the hospitals.

"Risking contagion and even their own lives, we want to appreciate and give thanks to thousands of these people.

"Men and women without rest who are leaving everything for you and for us they represent a true pride for all of us, that's why today we want to thank and admire the health workers around the world.

"Thanks to all the health and medical workers around the world."

The video ends with all the athletes showing their medals and saying "this medal is for you".

Neven Ilic, President of Panam Sports said that the athletes were incredible in taking part in the video.

Ilic said, "It is incredible how when it comes to helping and uniting for a noble cause, the athletes of the Americas are a true example for the world.

"In just a few days after reaching out to them, these athletes did not hesitate to record and send us their messages for us to put the video together.

"I sincerely thank everyone who helped us, but above all, our athletes who once again demonstrated that they are not only great idols in the water, on a court, or on a track, but also outside the field of play."