BDO number one Jim Williams will be in action in the Remote Darts League ©Getty Images

The Remote Darts League (RDL) has been launched in the United Kingdom and will feature 10 World Darts Federation (WDF) players who will compete from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 10 days starting tonight, 10 professional players, including British Darts Organisation (BDO) number one Jim Williams, will play for the inaugural RDL trophy with a winning prize of £25,000 ($31,300/€28,800) on the line.

The final day of play will see the top four teams from the group stage compete in a semi-final and final with a new competition starting a couple of days later with new players.

Matches will be available to watch on YouTube as well on the sites of selected bookmakers and will be hosted by Farawaysports.

Kevin Dale, producer from Farawaysports said, "It's great to be able to offer some high-quality live sports content in these difficult times.

"Darts fans will be pleased to see many familiar faces at the oche - all hosted by our experienced master of ceremonies, Richard Ashdown."

To date there have been more than 2.27 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, resulting in the deaths of over 156,000 people.

In the United Kingdom, there are over 114,000 confirmed cases with over 15,400 people dying.

BDO number one Jim Williams has said he has never felt as much pressure playing from home as he has now.

Williams said, "Even without the crowds in the background, you really feel the pressure of that camera lens.

"The good news though is that I have been on a roll in our practice matches - time to bring it on for real!"

It follows the news that the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) had launched its own remote event called the PDC Home Tour.

Former world number one Gary Anderson has said that he cannot compete in the PDC Home Tour because his WiFi is not strong enough from his home in Somerset in the United Kingdom.

The opening night of the PDC Home Tour earlier this week was blighted by technical issues, including the PDC Darts website crashing and technical disruption to the feed by broadcaster Sky Sports