The IPC is using a new Agitos symbol and typeface ©IPC

The designers who worked with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to make subtle changes to the Agitos logo have said they wanted to give the Movement equal billing with the Olympics.

Josef Clinch of London-based designers North told Design Week the aim was to give the symbol "parity" with the Olympic Rings.

All three of the logo's shapes are now the same size and they have been slightly repositioned so they are more symmetrically aligned.

The blue, red and green now match the Olympic Rings after being lightened.

IPC officials launched the updated Agitos in October alongside a new brand narrative – "Change Starts with Sport".

A new font called "New Hero" has also been designed to enable a "more motivational, energetic style of messaging".

It is hoped the organisation will now not be as reliant on photographs to get its message across.

"None of those three shapes were the same," North's Josef Clinch said to Design Week.

"It was presenting problems with multiple application of the guidelines.

The IPC revealed the subtle changes to the Agitos in October ©IPC
The IPC revealed the subtle changes to the Agitos in October ©IPC

"We had seen applications of the symbol where it was in three dimensions, and the shapes were backwards.

"Before it looked as if it was based on someone drawing it by hand.

"But now it's based on a very strict geometry.

"It's seen next to the Olympic Rings, which is one of the world's most iconic designs and has a strict geometry, and we wanted something that would feel equal to that.

"If we had one overarching goal, it's to help the identity represent the future of the Paralympics as being equal to the Olympics."

The changes to the Agitos symbol were the first amendments since its launch in 2004.