Hamilton 100 is the community group behind the Canadian city's bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games ©Hamilton 100

Hamilton’s attempts to bring the 2030 Commonwealth Games to the city have received a fresh boost after the community group behind the bid was invited to submit the second part of its hosting proposal by March 9.  

As reported by inthehammer.com, a recommendation has been put in front of Hamilton City Council, forwarded from the General Issues Committee (GIC), to have staff look into part two of Hamilton 100's proposal.

The second part of the proposal is intended to build on the first and will go into greater details about potential venues, financing and marketing.

It will also provide a general plan on how the Commonwealth Games in 10 years’ time will be delivered.

Speaking at a GIC meeting earlier this month, Cecilia Carter-Smith, one of the members of the Hamilton 100 Committee, gave an update.

"The programmes that we have put together for phase two will blow you away," she was reported as saying by inthehammer.com.

"These Games are not about sport.

"They're about what we can do as a city to revolutionise and be innovative."

A more thorough presentation of the proposal, if the recommendation passes at City Council, is expected to be given by Hamilton 100 at a GIC meeting on February 19.

Last month, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) welcomed ongoing interest from Canada in hosting either the 2026 or 2030 Commonwealth Games.

It came after Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) had announced two community groups - one of which was Hamilton 100 and the other which chose to remain confidential, but is thought to be Calgary - had submitted proposals to the organisation.

That was the first step in a process, which the CGC says will "select Canada's next candidate city to host the 2026 and/or 2030 Commonwealth Games".

Hamilton hosted the British Empire Games when it was held for the first time in 1930 ©Getty Images
Hamilton hosted the British Empire Games when it was held for the first time in 1930 ©Getty Images

Each Canadian city interested in staging the Commonwealth Games had to submit part one of their plans, which includes vision and a financial plan, by November 22.

According to inthehammer.com, Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger described Hamilton’s bid as being an "impressive piece of community engagement" and also said that it will be significantly challenged by Calgary's intention to bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi stated earlier this month that a group of private citizens is preparing a bid to stage the event in six years' time.

Hamilton 100 vice-chair Jasper Kujavsky, meanwhile, claimed the organisation feels "extremely confident" that when CGC looks at all the proposals before them, they are "going to say that the vision we're seeing in Hamilton is bigger than anything else".

CGF chief executive David Grevemberg has claimed the organisation would welcome another Commonwealth Games in Canada.

He added the CGF were respectful but supportive of the internal process in Canada.

Hamilton 100 has targeted 2030 as it would be exactly a century after the city staged the inaugural event - then known as the British Empire Games - in 1930.

Grevemberg described the city as a "real contender" to host the event after officials carried out a three-day tour in August.

Challenges are expected to be political support and concern over costs.

Hamilton 100 submitted a proposal in November 2019 for the construction of three new multi-sport complexes, affordable housing and upgrades to facilities across the Canadian city.

According to the Hamilton 100 proposal, the three new multi-sport complexes are within Hamilton's 10-year sport development plan and would host badminton, squash and table tennis.

Among the items reportedly outlined in the document was the group's vision and potential impact of the Commonwealth Games, while details on venues and stakeholder interest were also included.