Thirty people took part at the IFBB Academy event in Abu Dhabi ©IFBB

The International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) International Academy in Abu Dhabi welcomed 30 people to a training event.

Held over two days in the United Arab Emirates capital, the international training course of bodybuilding and fitness level three featured several lectures.

This included opening words by Colonel Abdulkareem Mohamed, President of the IFBB Academy in Dubai.

The event in the United Arab Emirates was held across two days ©IFBB
The event in the United Arab Emirates was held across two days ©IFBB

Professor Waleed Abdulkareem spoke on a number of issues and Dr. Adel Fahim El Sayed, President of the IFBB Arab Federation and also an IFBB vice president for Africa, also addressed the group. 

The IFBB Academy is an "extensive educational programme that provides certifications for bodybuilding, fitness, health and sport related individuals from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds".

One of the main goals of the IFBB Academy is to "provide a unique educational programme for coaches, personal trainers and health and fitness professionals worldwide that offers academically exceptional courses and at the same time incorporates the prestige and acknowledgement deriving from the IFBB name".