FIFA has banned Jamal Emil Malinzi for 10 years ©Getty Images

Former Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) President Jamal Malinzi has been banned by FIFA for 10 years after he was found guilty of misappropriating a "significant amount of funds".

In its decision, published on FIFA's new legal portal, the Adjudicatory Chamber of the Ethics Committee said Malinzi had misappropriated money from FIFA, the Confederation of African Football and the TFF between 2013 and 2017.

Malinzi - a former member of the FIFA Development Committee, which helps to allocate funding worldwide - was also found to have falsified an official document.

He has been fined CHF500,000 (£391,000/$503,000/€456,000) in addition to his 10-year ban.

The Adjudicatory Chamber said Malinzi, who also served on FIFA's Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility, had received $528,000 (£411,000/€478,000) during a four-year period.

The money was to used to repay alleged loans he made, which FIFA found "lack proper justification or explanation".

The full decision in the case has been published on FIFA's new legal portal ©FIFA
The full decision in the case has been published on FIFA's new legal portal ©FIFA

A sum of $55,000 (£43,000/€50,000), prize money won by Tanzania’s under-17 team at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, was also given directly to Malinzi.

Malinzi denied any wrongdoing during an appearance in a Tanzanian court last year, which came two years after he was arrested on suspicion of various offences including embezzlement.

He insisted he had provided loans to the TFF to help with the running of the organisation.

"His conduct was highly detrimental to his association, resulting in the misuse of significant amounts which could have benefitted all its stakeholders, but also to the development of football in Tanzania," the Adjudicatory Chamber said in its decision.

"It must also be borne in mind that Mr Malinzi committed the offence on various occasions and over a course of several years."