Thomas Bach said the 2032 Summer Olympics will not be awarded next year ©IOC

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach stressed no decision will be made regarding the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games host next year, as the chairs of two Future Host Commissions were announced here today.

Norway's Kristin Kloster Aasen and Romania's Octavian Morariu have been appointed to head the Commissions, set to play a key role in the awarding of Olympic Games.

The establishment of the Commissions follows the approval of far-reaching changes to the bidding process for the Games at the IOC Session here in June.

Among the key changes outlined by a Commission led by Australia's John Coates, which were unanimously approved, included the ending of the traditional seven-year period before the event is awarded.

It also agreed to create a potentially powerful Future Host Commissions to control the selection of cities and countries to stage the Games.

IOC President Thomas Bach announced a "two-speed" process for the Commissions.

The Winter Commission will begin immediately with a view to selecting the host city for the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games and 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Bach revealed the Summer Olympic Commission will have more time to enter dialogue with cities.

He stressed the 2032 Summer Olympics will not be awarded next year, as had been initially speculated with Brisbane widely seen as being in the driving seat. 

"We have a two-speed procedure for Winter and Summer," Bach said.

"The Winter Future Host Commission will start immediately because it is already about the Winter Youth Olympic Games for 2024 and the 2030 Winter Games.

"This has priority at the moment.

"With the Summer we have a little bit more time.

"The Commission can enter dialogue with different interested cities and countries we have already.

"There I can only clarify what we also told the delegation of Queensland.

"We will not take a decision in 2020."

Kristin Kloster Aasen, who was elected as an IOC member in 2017, will chair the Summer Commission ©IOC
Kristin Kloster Aasen, who was elected as an IOC member in 2017, will chair the Summer Commission ©IOC

Bach's statement cools talk over a fast-tracked awarding of the Games.

Reforms appeared to have accelerated the host designation process around the 2032 Olympics, with Queensland having held multiple meetings with the IOC over the prospect of a bid.

The Australian effort has been viewed as the clear front-runner, although IOC President Thomas Bach met with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in last month in New York City.

The IOC President claimed the organisation "warmly welcomed" a potential joint Korean bid when he met with officials from the North and South in February.

Bach confirmed the IOC Executive Board had approved the appointment of Kloster Aasen to chair the Future Host Commission for the Summer Olympic Games.

The 58-year-old Norwegian, elected to the IOC in 2017, will be supported by nine other members of the Commission.

This includes IOC members Richard Pound from Canada, China's Lingwei Li, the Philippines' Mikaela Conjuangco Jaworski, the Dominican Republic's Luis Mejia Oviedo and Cape Verde's Filomena Fortes.

Sarah Walker will serve as the athlete representative and Francesco Ricci Bitti will represent the Association of Summer Olympic Sport Federations.

Kenya's Paul Tergat is set to be the National Olympic Committees representative, while International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons will also sit on the Commission.

Octavian Morariu will chair the Winter Commission ©Getty Images
Octavian Morariu will chair the Winter Commission ©Getty Images

Morariu will chair the Future Host Summer Commission for the Winter Olympics.

It follows his role as head of the Evaluation Commission for the 2026 Winter Olympic candidature process, which ultimately led to Milan Cortina being awarded the Games.

He will be joined by fellow IOC members Gunilla Lindberg of Sweden, Austria's Karl Stoss and Afghanistan's Samira Asghari.

China's Hong Zhang will be the athlete representative, with Panam Sports President Nevin Ilic the NOC delegate.

Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations President Gian-Franco Kasper and Rita van Driel from the IPC complete the Commission.

Members of either Commission will be required to withdraw should their nation lodge an interest in hosting.

The Commissions will also approach countries the IOC believes could host the Olympic Games, in addition to those who lodge their own bids.

Bach claimed this was an indication of the IOC's move towards a more targeted approach to determining hosts of the Games.

The Commissions will also be tasked with advising the Executive Board and making recommendations regarding possible hosts, which would enable them to react to developments and opportunities.

They will also encourage potential hosts to elaborate their vision of the Games, with a focus on achieving a legacy for their communities and their youth.

Advice for hosts on sustainable proposals that fit long-term development plans, monitoring of public support and potential public consultations and outcomes will also form part of the Commissions' brief.

The Commissions will decide whether a potential visit to a host would be beneficial.

Rules of conduct will be put in place for the Commissions, with the IOC saying these will be published in the coming days with the full terms of reference.