Jean Perez, right, failed a drug test at Lima 2019 ©Getty Images

Puerto Rico have been stripped of their men’s doubles bowling title after Jean Perez Faure failed a drug test, Panam Sports have confirmed.

The doping control test was positive for the chlorthalidone, which is on the WADA banned list as a diuretic and other masking agents.

The substance has normally been used to treat high blood pressure.

Perez had competed with Cristian Azcona and won the men's doubles competition with a score of 5,816.

United States' Jakob Buttuff and Nicholas Pate had finished as the runners-up, after ending with a score of 5,545.

With Puerto Rico stripped of their title, the Buttuff and Pate have risen to gold medal position.

Colombia's Manuel Otalora and Alfredo Quintana have taken the silver medal in the revised standings on 5,515.

The podium is now completed by Mexico's Jose Llergo and Arturo Quintero, who finish on 5,379.

Perez also won a bronze medal in the men's individual event.

insidethegames understands Perez will keep the bronze, with the substance having only been detected after the doubles event.

Panam Sports said the procedures used to take and analyse the samples are being carried out according to the Pan American Games anti-doping rules.

Panam Sports reiterates its commitment to clean sport and fair play for all athletes and will continue to be firm in its fight against doping.

Panam Sports said prior to the Games that all gold medal winners would be drug tested.

However not all medallists would be be tested, with organisers insisting they have a sophisticated anti-doping system in place.

The system included 40 per cent of tests out of competition, with the remaining 60 per cent consisting of in competition tests.

Perez is the second athlete to have failed a test at the Games.

Jean Perez, third left, is expected to keep his singles bronze medal ©Getty Images
Jean Perez, third left, is expected to keep his singles bronze medal ©Getty Images

Dominican Republic baseball player Audrey Joel Perez sanctioned earlier this week after testing positive for the banned anabolic steroid oxandrolone.

Dominican Republic did not lose their fifth placed finishing position with two positive tests required for a team to be disqualified from the competition.

At the time of Perez's failed test, Panam Sports said a total of 1,197 anti-doping controls had been carried out to date, with 670 were taken in competition and 527 out of competition.

This is claimed to be the one of the largest amounts of samples taken in the history of the Games.

Earlier in the Games, Peruvian swimmer Mauricio Fiol confirmed he had been ruled out of competition after being informed of a positive test by the International Swimming Federation.

It was the second consecutive Pan American Games he had been embroiled in a doping case.

Fiol was stripped of the silver medal he won in the 200 metres butterfly at Toronto 2015 after testing positive for the banned steroid stanozolol.

This led to the Peruvian being been banned for four years, which ran from July 12, 2015 and officially ended on July 11, 2019.

Stanozolol was also the substance the Peruvian tested positive before Lima 2019.

Chilean equestrian athlete Mauricio González was confirmed to have been left out of the country’s delegation before the Games.

The Chilean Olympic Committee announced his positive test for marijuana on July 26.

The positive was reportedly after an internal test from the Chilean Equestrian Federation.

Chile had already been forced to remove cyclists Constanza Victoria Paredas Martinez and Andreas Silva Zambrano last month from their team following positive tests.

The last Pan American Games in Toronto saw 20 athletes implicated in doping cases.