Alexander Ivanov has been stripped of the 20km title he won at the 2013 World Championships ©Getty Images

Russian race walker Alexandr Ivanov will be stripped of the gold medal he won in the 20 kilometres event at the 2013 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Moscow after he was found guilty of doping.

The Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) confirmed in a statement that Ivanov had been given a backdated three-year ban after his biological passport showed abnormalities indicative of doping.

The 25-year-old's results between July 9, 2012, to August 17, 2014 have been annulled following the announcement from the RusAF.

It means he will lose his 2013 world title, as well the European Championships 20km silver medal he claimed in Zurich in 2014 and silver from the 2012 World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

Chen Ding of China is set to inherit Ivanov's World Championships gold medal, with Spain’s Miguel Ángel López promoted to silver and Portugal’s João Vieira to bronze.

"The athlete is disqualified on the basis of deviations in his blood passport," the RusAF said in a statement.

Alexandr Ivanov will lose the gold medal he won at the 2013 IAAF World Championships ©Getty Images
Alexandr Ivanov will lose the gold medal he won at the 2013 IAAF World Championships ©Getty Images

Ivanov's suspension has been backdated to May 2, 2017, the date he was first suspended pending a hearing.

He was one of the last remaining members of Russia's race walking team to have not received a doping ban before his suspension was confirmed.

Race walking coach Viktor Chegin, linked to more than 30 doping cases, was banned for life in 2016.

Chegin turned Russia's race walkers into a world-beating team and was rewarded with near-total control of a state-funded training centre in Saransk named in his honour.

Athletes coached by Chegin implicated in at least one doping case include Valeriy Borchin, Sergey Bakulin, Olga Kaniskina, Sergey Kirdyapkin, Olimpiada Ivanova and Elena Lashmanova.

Most of these individuals were banned due to biological passport anomalies, suggesting the presence of blood boosting drugs such as erythropoietin.

Russia has been stripped of all but three of the seven gold medals the nation won at its home IAAF World Championships in 2013.