The track for the inaugural FAI World Drone Racing Championships has been unveiled using a 3D digital animation ©FAI

A 3D digital animation of the drone racing track for next month's World Air Sports Federation (FAI) World Drone Racing Championships in China has been unveiled.

The track, divided into three vertical layers, will be 650 metres long. 

It is lit up with 7,000m of multi-coloured LED lighting, making it possible to be flown at day or night. 

The LED lights will also change colour according to the speed of the drones, creating a unique visual experience for spectators. 

Pilots will have to be able to control their drone at speed on a flat plane as well as tackle the many obstacles that feature on the track. 

“China has done exactly what we expected, which is to produce an absolute stunning looking track that is going to look amazing on video, through the goggles and any media they choose to broadcast it on," FAI judge Eric Li-Koo said.

The inaugural FAI World Drone Championships are taking place at the Chinese city of Shenzhen's Universiade Sports Centre from November 1 until 4.

A group of 115 of the world’s best drone-racing pilots are set to participate in the competition.