Noel Keane won the men's event for Palau ©Micronesian Games

Palau won both open water swimming gold medals on offer today as the Micronesian Games continued in Yap.

The country claimed both the men's and women's titles over five kilometres, the only medal events at the Games today across all sports.

All swimming action in Yap is open water as there is no competitive pool to use.

Noel Keane won the men's title as he came home in front of Akimaru Kento of the Northern Mariana Islands and another Palau athlete in Jericho Maido respectively.

Osisang Chilton won the women's title in Yap ©Micronesian Games
Osisang Chilton won the women's title in Yap ©Micronesian Games

The trio all exchanged the lead throughout the race and Keane and Kento were neck and neck with just 250 metres remaining.

It was Keane who had something left in the tank as he came home to win.

Palau then added the women's title as Osisang Chilton took the lead from the start and continued to pull away.

Sophia Gauran of the Northern Mariana islands clinched silver and there was another Palau medal as Roylin Akiwo won bronze.

More open water finals are scheduled for tomorrow.