The International Surfing Association and International Canoe Federation are continuing to dispute the governance of stand-up paddle ©Getty Images

A dispute between the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Canoe Federation (ICF) over the governance of stand-up paddle (SUP) is deteriorating into more acrimony as both sides continue to publicly criticise the other.

Both sides seek to be the governing body responsible for running the discipline - which features both a paddle and a board over racing and surfing formats.

The ISA, whose central argument rests around their longstanding involvement in stand-up paddle in comparison with the ICF's recent interest, outlined further key details to address "mis-information" about the dispute earlier this week.

This prompted a response from the ICF in which the body claimed they had kept the discussions with the ISA "professional" and not engaged in a "public slanging match".

"It is not our intention to change our approach now," added the ICF, who claim no organisation should have a monopoly over a specific sport.

The ISA, whose public relations campaign has been spearheaded by British-based consultancy firm Vero Communications, have questioned the truth of this supposed approach on the basis that the ICF have made public statements defending their position.

"This is a curious statement since it was ICF who initiated a public discussion through the media with their statements on June 6 and 14," the ISA told insidethegames.

"The ISA continues to push to resolve this matter through CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport), but [the] ICF has, until now, opposed this pathway to a solution."

"We have tried as an International Federation at all times to keep the discussions with the ISA professional and to not engage in a public slanging match."

The ICF's interest in stand-up paddle appears more recent ©Getty Images
The ICF's interest in stand-up paddle appears more recent ©Getty Images

The ISA have also taken offence at the ICF's claim that they will "continue to work to find a solution which best suits the athletes and their long-term ambitions".

"The ISA is the only organisation, to date, that has defended, supported and promoted the interests of the athletes and SUP," the ISA responded.

"The facts speak for themselves and are in the public domain.

"We are also happy to let our World Championships later this year, which will include the first-ever masters, juniors and inflatables world titles, speak for themselves.

"Indeed, this is a 'first ever' for ICF in terms of an international event for SUP, which raises the question ISA has been asking all along, why start now when the ISA has been the only IF (International Federation) running World Championships since 2012?"

The row has already led to stand-up paddle losing its place on the programme for the inaugural Association of National Olympic Committees World Beach Games in San Diego next year.

The ICF claim that they will soon be making a "very significant announcement soon which will demonstrate the level of athlete support for our event". 

The ISA responded that "the world’s leading SUP athletes have made their opinion known about this event" - an implicit suggestion that they think none will attend.