The ICF have called for a resolution to the stand-up paddle row ©ICF

A call has been made by the International Canoe Federation (ICF) for their feud with the International Surfing Association (ISA) to be resolved before they host their inaugural Stand-Up Paddle World Championships in Portugal starting on August 30.

The ICF-organised event is due to take place in Esposende and Viana do Castelo over four days until September 2.

But the governing body are still locked in dispute with the ISA over who is the rightful controller of the discipline.

The resolution the ICF want, however, seems to involve the surfing body backing down rather than them being prepared to compromise.

The ISA insist that they have longstanding experience in the sport and have only faced interference from the ICF since they tried to add the discipline onto the programme for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

This is denied by the canoeing body, however, who claim no organisation should have a monopoly over a specific sport.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ended an unsuccessful mediation of the row last month and neither side showed any intention to compromise

"For the sake of the athletes, we wanted to try and find a resolution to this problem," said ICF President and International Olympic Committee member José Perurena in a press release.

"Sadly the ISA was not prepared to accept what we believe are reasonable proposals. 

"This means the situation remains unresolved, so the ICF will now focus on building on the strong SUP foundations we have already established through the strong work of our National Federations.

"We have already shown the depth of this sport through the multitude of SUP activities which have been run by our National Federations all around the world over the last few years, including many National Championships."

The ICF are due to host a Stand-Up paddle World Championships later this year ©ICF
The ICF are due to host a Stand-Up paddle World Championships later this year ©ICF

Perurena claimed that the ICF had deliberately not engaged in public debate with the ISA, preferring to "concentrate on working behind the scenes to support existing and developing events within the Federation, and to drive for mass participation in the discipline".

"It has been quite frustrating at times to read and hear some of the claims which have been made about us, but now is our time to show the world's best SUP athletes what we have to offer," he added.

"In the end we are looking at this for the long term. 

"Our main focus over many years has been to develop SUP from the club level up, with the co-operation of our National Federations. 

"We have the experience of staging multiple World Championships and World Cups across many disciplines each year and the SUP World Championships will be of the highest quality as well.

"The ICF has disciplines which take place on all sorts of different water; streams, lakes, oceans, swimming pools, just to name a few. 

"It's this experience and knowledge which we believe gives us a strong advantage when it comes to looking after SUP activities, which is practiced on both flatwater and in the ocean."

The ICF has still not addressed in detail the claims that they have no longstanding involvement in stand-up paddle.

It is also unclear how many of the discipline's top paddlers plan to compete at the World Championships. 

The ICF do, however, claim to be "thrilled with the level of interest being shown from athletes all over the world".  

They also already claim to have bidders for their next Stand-Up Paddle World Championships.

"More than anything we want to get this resolved for the sake of the athletes, who just want to get out on the water and do what they love," Perurena concluded.

"But if no resolution can be reached, we are committed to ensuring the ICF promotes SUP activities so that they and the athletes receive the recognition they deserve.

"The ICF will deliver a World Championships on par with our other disciplines so it will be an exciting adventure."

insidethegames has contacted the ISA for a response.