Several heads of nurseries and pre-schools have praised the Bahrain Baby Games ©OCA

The head teachers of several nursery and pre-schools have praised the Bahrain Olympic Committee for organising the Bahrain Baby Games.

The first edition of the Games, which are being organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and the Ministry of Education, sees children under six-years-old participate in four sports.

Nawal Janahi, a senior physical education specialist at the Ministry of Education, has said the Games are a "crucial step" in developing Bahrain's children in both academic and sporting terms.

The Games also aim to promote the Olympic values and helps introduce sports into the children's everyday lives.

Disney Nursery head Maryam Radi was one of several school heads to praise the Games, which feature "athletes" as young as two.

"From this point, we encourage our children to participate in the Bahrain Baby Games," she said.

The Baby Games have been designed to promote active lifestyles among children ©OCA
The Baby Games have been designed to promote active lifestyles among children ©OCA

"We believe that the event will inspire our kids to learn about teamwork, dedication and the power of practice."

Fellow nursery head Shirley Giles added: "We are very happy to participate in this lovely event, which will bring all the nursery schools in Bahrain together.

"It is very important to instill the importance of physical education into our young ones from a very early age."

Renu Varma, head of Planet pre-school, said: "It is indeed a proud honour to be a part of such a great motivational event.

"Today, as research shows that the importance of physical activity in children is stronger than ever due to their profound attraction towards the new technologies and gadgets."

The Games are due to finish on May 10.