The ITTF and TATA Wooden Door have extended their partnership ©ITTF

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) have announced that TATA Wooden Door will be the official door company of the World Table Tennis Championships from 2018 to 2020.

TATA Wooden Door first entered the partnership with the ITTF for the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships in Düsseldorf, where they created a series of videos featuring table tennis stars trying various trick shots around a miniature TATA door.

The extension of the partnership will see the return of this trick shot challenge to the 2018 edition of the tournament being held in Halmstad in Sweden from April 29 to May 6.

TATA Wooden Door have invited former World Team Table Tennis Championships winner Feng Tianwei of Singapore to take part in the challenge.

Speaking at the official signing ceremony in Beijing, ITTF chief executive Steve Dainton said he was delighted to have extended the agreement.

"On the back of a very successful 2017 World Championships, we are proud and happy to welcome TATA Wooden Door as a Major Partner and Official Door company of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 World Table Tennis Championships," he said.

"In 2017, we spoke about opening doors to global markets for TATA through the World Championships platform, and the 2017 World Championships was broadcasted in China and globally, exposing the TATA Wooden Door brand to over 350 million audiences worldwide.

"TATA and ITTF share common qualities and values, which will ensure this partnership will continue to be a huge success.

"It takes incredible technical prowess to master the sport of table tennis, just as it takes incredible technical prowess to produce quality products like TATA does."

TATA Wooden Door deputy general manager Zhang Yan added: "Our first partnership with ITTF at the 2017 World Championships was a great success, seeing our logo being shown on the centre court throughout the tournament was a proud moment for our company.

"We also had many interesting videos from the World Championships, such as the trick shot videos from the world’s best table tennis players.

"In fact, we still receive a lot of engagement on social media because of the videos, and fans sending through their versions of the trick shot videos and tagging us online even in October."