Commonwealth Games Canada Brian MacPherson plans to ask for his country to be awarded the centenary event of the Commonwealth Games in 2030 ©CGC

Canada is planning to ask to be given the right to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games to celebrate the centenary of the event without having to go through a formal bid process, it has been revealed.

Brian MacPherson, chief executive of Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC), is hoping that the request will be looked upon favourably by other countries because it will be such a special occasion.

The Canadians are expected to make a presentation to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) at its annual General Assembly here on Saturday (March 31).

Canada staged the first event - known then as the British Empire Games - at Hamilton in 1930.

But they have not taken place in Canada since Victoria 1994 so McPherson believes it is their time again. 

"It will be in our plan to ask for that," MacPherson told the Edmonton Sun

"Given that it’s the 100th anniversary and it’s been so long since Canada hosted our international friends, just give us the Games."

Hamilton in Canada hosted the very first British Empire Games in 1930 ©Wikipedia
Hamilton in Canada hosted the very first British Empire Games in 1930 ©Wikipedia

Victoria had hoped to put a bid together to replace Durban as host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games after the South African city were stripped of the event in March last year following its failure to meet a series of financial deadlines.

The Provincial and State Governments refused to back the proposal, though, and the Games were awarded instead to Birmingham in England.

"The one learning message that came out of there from our international body is, the old bidding process is dead," MacPherson told the Edmonton Sun

"But they [the CGF] haven’t told us what the new one is. 

"I honestly don’t know what it’s going to be. 

"They haven’t articulated anything yet."

Any bid from Canada is complicated by the fact that Calgary is considering trying to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Canada is also part of the United bid to stage the 2026 FIFA World Cup along with the United States and Mexico.

"As long as Calgary has a bid on the table for the 2026 Olympic Games, we would not entertain the 2026 Commonwealth Games," MacPherson said.

"We just won’t. 

"Canada doesn’t need two major Games in the same year and certainly can’t afford two major Games.

"So we’re out of that game and we focus on 2030. 

Canada has not hosted the Commonwealth Games since Victoria in 1994 ©Getty Images
Canada has not hosted the Commonwealth Games since Victoria in 1994 ©Getty Images

Canada has also hosted the Commonwealth Games at Vancouver in 1954 and Edmonton in 1978. 

Among the potential cities that could be interested in staging the Commonwealth Games in 2030 are Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria. 

"We have interest from a number of cities," MacPherson told the Edmonton Sun. 

"If we got the nod to host those Games, we will be open and transparent about domestically bidding and seeing which city rises to the top."

Any cities interested are unlikely, however, to include Hamilton.

They voted in September not to pursue a bid due to the potential cost. 

"It is great to hear Canada’s enthusiasm for participating in a future Commonwealth Games bid process," Ben Nichols, director of communications and public affairs for the CGF, told insidethegames.

"The CGF looks forward to announcing more details on future Games bidding process in due course."