The Lima 2019 Athletes' Village will reportedly meet international accessibility standards ©PanamSports/Twitter

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Americas Paralympic Committee (APC) have said Lima has legacy potential following a visit to the 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games host city.

IPC and APC officials visited several Lima 2019 sites including the Athletes' Village, which will feature wider hallways and larger elevators for Para-athletes.

In addition, all 1,096 units are set to meet international accessibility standards.

Officials also visited an accessibility workshop hosted by the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation's General Division of Technological Development in Peru's capital.

This focused on the importance of making accessibility a central feature of urban housing developments and how to use the Lima 2019 Games as a catalyst.

"At Lima 2019, our goal is to create a meaningful and long-lasting legacy for the people of
Lima and Peru," said Lima 2019 President Carlos Neuhaus.

"We are doing it through bricks and mortar, introducing new accessibility standards in our new affordable accommodation and sports facilities. 

"And we are doing it through creating the best possible conditions for Parapan American Games athletes to shine.

"Lima 2019 will inspire greater inclusivity across our communities."

Roberto Vieira has demanded answers about the increasing Lima 2019 budget ©Roberto Vieira/Twitter
Roberto Vieira has demanded answers about the increasing Lima 2019 budget ©Roberto Vieira/Twitter

The IPC's Carlos Ramirez, an architect who previously worked on the Guadalajara 2011 Parapan American Games, added: "The Parapan American Games is a powerful catalyst to develop Lima's accessibility standards and set an example for Peru and the rest of the Americas. 

"The IPC and APC fully support Lima 2019's work to deliver an accessible Games and a meaningful legacy."

The workshop, however, came with some calling for answers over alleged overspending at the Games.

Roberto Vieira, an independent member of the Peruvian Parliament, has asked organisers of the Games to explain reported increased costs of the Games to Congress.

"They continue looting the country with works of the Pan American Games," he is reported as saying by Exitosa.

"Taking on the challenge of the Pan American Games was already a shame for the country, knowing the limitations we have and that we were not going to reach even 60 per cent of the organisation, and now with this complaint, it is shown that they are looting the country.

"They continue plundering the country with hundreds of millions of soles that are very much needed for development work in the health sector, education, and others of vital importance to the nation."

Lima 2019 organisers, however, have refuted Vieira's comments in a statement to Insidethegames.

“Lima 2019 completely refutes the unfounded, unsubstantiated allegations made in Diario Exitosa and can confirm that we are still in line with the infrastructure budget allocated in the Games master plan," it reads.

"Lima 2019 has implemented rigorous measures to maximise the return on investment for the Peruvian government, protect taxpayers and create a meaningful legacy for the people of Lima and Peru.

"We are supported in this by the British government through the G2G [Government to Government] agreement, and all our work is independently monitored by the Office of the Comptroller of the Republic.

"Lima 2019 is the new gold-standard for delivering major infrastructure in Peru sustainably, efficiently and transparently."

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games are set to take place from July 26 to August 11, with the Parapan American Games following between August 23 and September 1.